Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Hot Water

After getting rescued from the native tribe we all headed back to our hotel for some R&R time. We all agreed that this was far nicer than the hot tub provided back at the village. Roscoe stands watch just to make sure that no surprises were lurking in the dark night.

Photo by Sassy & Karl

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Rescue

We are free at last and no harm was done to us. It was a big understanding that's all. Karl and Ruis rescued us. There was just a little mix up on the part of the natives. No hard feelings and everything is now right with the world again!

Head over to Karl's to get the full details of the rescue.

Thanks guys!!!!!!
Photos by Karl

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Natives

Waking up this morning with excitement of meeting the native tribe we were scheduled to visit we could all could hardly wait to head out!

It didn't take us too finding them but Opus and Roscoe mentioned that they had the feeling that maybe this wasn't the tribe we were to meet up with.

Well this is another fine mess we are in. Oh, oh!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Visitors & Elephants

Surprise visitors! Maggy and Zoey have joined us for an exciting day of elephant watching. When they found out that we were going on a safari they wanted to join us for a couple of days. We invited them along for an overnight in the jungle and two days of photographing the elephant herds that we might find.

The girls getting settled in at the overnight camping site.

Posing with an elephant herd on day one.

Lunch on the second day out then . . .

. . with Roscoe as our driver and guide today it was back to the elephants.

The end of a perfect day!

Saturday we meet with our safari guides and plan on which native tribe we will meet with in the next few days.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Day With The Lions

First day out on the safari finds us with our guides looking for our distant relatives, lions.

Safely staying in the vehicle we all watch in awe as Roscoe decides first hand to meet up with the king of the beasts.

Opus and Roscoe spend some one on one time with their new found friend.

Later in the day Opus drives me back out to the lion pride for another peek. What a wonderful new bunch of friends we made today.

Time now to get back to our rooms as we don't want to be out in the jungle at night. Next on our plans is a visit from some friends back home and a visit with the elephants.

Monday, July 21, 2008

South Africa-Yeah!

Photo by Opus & Roscoe

The safari trip is now officially on the way! We met up with the Italians at the airport in Rome and boarded our private jet, could not use the MFV as it still is missing, and headed for South Africa. The trip was a long and tiring one. Lucky for us we had plenty of reading material to keep us busy and a lot of time to catch up on some rest for those that needed it.

We arrived in South Africa as the sun was peeking up over the horizon of the earth. Notice the buzzards in the trees, just part of the beautiful African scene.

Photo by Opus & Roscoe

With our map in hand we rented our vehicle that would get us to the Amakhala Game Reserve. Opus navigated us toward our destination and we encountered an African habitat along the way. I am not sure if he was more curious about us or us about him.

Posing for photo outside our hotel.

Momo and me unpacking in our room.

The Italians settling in.

As you can see by the palm pilot we have a full schedule and also are still setting day trips up. Now we must all get a good nights sleep as tomorrow we will venture our and meet some of our distant relatives, the lions.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Safari-Set To Go

The day has finally here! Momo, Opus, Roscoe, and myself are heading off on our safari complements of Karl and Ruis. This was a gift they gave me for being their wedding planner. Thank you so much guys!! We never could have afforded this if you hadn't paid for all!

The four Safari hunters, weapon of choice . . . a camera!

Photo by Ruis

All of the items you see in the photo were a present to me by Karl and Ruis! We will be staying at the Amakhala Reserve in South Africa.

Packed, at the airport and ready to go!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!

Welcome and a big Happy Birthday to the mom of the house, wherever she is right now. I am having this birthday party to celebrate her ?? birthday. You can guess her age if you want but I will tell you that she is getting along in years. Hey, that might make for a good contest but I am afraid that she would be mad at me if I told you all her ancient age.

This beautiful birthday greeting card was sent over from Jans Funny Farm along with . . .

. . . a beautiful basket packed with goodies, thanks Jan's gang. The name of the gift basket is called Opus One, no the Italians are not in the basket business. Since this is a gift I ask that we not get into it and save it for the mom of the house. We do, however, have plenty of good things for the guests today.

Ready to serve up the goodies of the day.

Be sure to visit the dessert table and help yourself to all of the sweet treats. Opus will be serving the birthday cake . . .

. . . be sure and help yourself to the refreshments being served. Since the weather has been so hot we are keeping things light and cool . . .

. . . before you leave be sure to pick up your guest gift. There is one for each kitty and dogie, a beautiful oil painting, your choice for you to take along with you when you leave . . .

Guest Gifts

Since the mom of the house isn't here today she did want me to thank all of you for coming. It isn't that she didn't want to be here but she had to be somewhere else.

Thanks to all that came over today and could the last one that leaves please turn out the lights?

Happy Birthday mom of the house wherever you are!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Birthday Baking

This is a first . . .

Momo and I starting to assemble the birthday cake.

. . . with the mom of the house gone I have decided, with a little help from my Sissie and the Italians to have a simple birthday gathering for her. Yes, I did say simple and I know most of you are thinking that this word isn't in my vocabulary. Well you would be wrong with that assumption. You see I have to keep things simple as I am almost on my own and can only teleport once in awhile.

Roscoe, Opus and I work together in the kitchen to finish the cake.

The four chefs going over the final menu and finalizing last minute changes.

Tomorrow is the mom of the house's birthday and I didn't want her to think I forgot. I am throwing a little surprise party for her and hope you all come back to surprise her.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Good Bye My Sweet Friend

The celebration of life for Emil will be held July 11, 12, and 13.

Though he was here for too short of a time he packed everyday he had full of exciting and fun things to do. I shall always remember him and love him.

Good bye my sweet dear frind I shall miss you but know someday we will see each other.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Finalizing plans for the safari but we have put that on hold. Friday there will be a celebration of Emil's life, check out Karl's place to find the time and place.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth Photos

Momo, Roscoe, Opus, and I teleported together to celebrate the fourth of July. The Italians, as I usually call them, spent their first nine years growing up in America and Momo was curious as to what the celebration was all about.

We headed to Smalltown, IN in Indiana for a day filled with friends, fun, food, and music performed by the symphony under the stars.

Music & firworks to celebrate with.

Yeah for the red, while, and blue!

Two at once!


The finale, spectacular!!

As you can see we had a wonderful time, hope you and your family did too.

ps You will not be able to find Smalltown, IN on the map, it was overlooked when the atlas was printed up last time.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday America
Add Glitter to Pictures

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July!


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