Sunday, August 31, 2008

Safe At Last!!

Photo by Opus & Roscoe

. . .The magic flying van safely returned Opus, Roscoe, Karl, Ruis, Momo, and myself to the lodge. We were all so curious about how Karl and Ruis came into possession of the magic flying van. Photo by Karl

. . . Karl and Ruis explained that after their failed rescue, they found a safe field to land their helicopter on. They were frantically trying to come up with a new rescue strategy when they spotted the magic van flying low over the African plains. With paws waving wildly, they meowed at the top of their lungs in hopes that the van would spot them. Their tactics worked and the van came in for a landing . . . when Karl got into the MFV he was so surprised to find that the van was empty . . . the MFV was flying itself!! We all know the the MFV is magical and it turned out that the van wanted to go on a long vacation. After taking cats and dogs all over the world, the van was ready for a little vacation of its own. The MFV left a note for Opus and Roscoe, who were taking a cat nap when the van decided to leave, but the note was never found.


After spending an afternoon in a sandpit we all settled in back at the lodge for some well deserved R&R. Opus and I enjoyed the cool water of the pool while washing the sand out of our fur. Momo and Roscoe were so happy to have the van back, that they spent hours sitting in the front seat while Karl and Ruis made themselves comfortable on the roof of van, making sure it wasn't about to leave again.

Photo by Opus & Roscoe

. . . as night fell over the Africa plains we were all so happy to be safe and be together that we all curled up together and snuggled down for a well deserved sleep.

. . . the MFV parked itself outside and had happy thoughts about it's long summer of traveling.

All is now safe and peaceful in Africa once again.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Africa Rescue Part III

Momo, Opus, Roscoe and I were still stuck in the dark cold quicksand with our hopes draining we listened as the sounds of Karl and Ruis's helicopter grow faint as they had to abort their last attempt to save us. With our spirits getting about as low as we were in the quicksand we heard sounds of a movie camera along with the familiar purring sounds of the MFV . . .

. . . caught on camera, and we are not sure who was taking photos, were Karl and Ruis at the wheel of the MVF with ropes tied to the bumper. With just the tips of our tiny little paws above the sand Karl and Ruis called down instructing us to reach out and grab a hold of the ropes . . . quickly we were carefully lifted up and out of the quicksand and headed back to the lodge, which was just in time as for sure we had used up most of our nine lives by now.

While dangling of off the ropes heading back to the lodge the four of us discussed the fact that it looked liked Karl and Ruis had the magic van all along but wondered why they would have done that. It just didn't seems like something that they would do but if not them then who stole the van and where has it been this entire time? Any ideas?


Photos by the Italians???

Monday, August 25, 2008

Help Is Here

Photo by Karl

My sweet friends Karl and Ruis were both catnapping together today and having lazy day. After having a restless sleep Karl shared with Ruis the dream he had. He dreamt that he and Ruis were the only executives at CCSI and they were trying to keep the company afloat and business moving. Karl wasn't sure where Momo, Opus, Roscoe and I were but in the dream found that running the company with four CEOs missing was a hard task to do. It was truly a nightmare . . .

Photo by Karl

. . . "I just had the SAME dream!", Ruis exclaimed in sheer disbelief. Both felt that this was a bad sign and a warning and that they should get back to Africa to make sure we all were OK . They arrived just in time to find us completely submerged in the quicksand . . .

Photo by Karl, Opus & Roscoe

. . . just as they were lowering the basket to save us, the wind from the helicopter blades picked loose sand and caused a terrible dust storm. As Karl and Ruis were no longer able to see from all of the blowing sand they had to call off their mission to save us . . .

Photo by Opus & Roscoe

. . when the dust settled it was clear that we were slipping further into the quicksand. We all heard the noise of the helicopter get further away from us and we are all hoping that Karl and Ruis have gone for more help!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

From Bad To Worse

My last post showed my computer and a hat in the quick sand. Things aren't always what they seem as we were not, at that time in the muck. What happened was Roscoe's hat blew off of his head and landed in the quick sand . . .

. . . without thinking I reached out to get the hat and lost my balance falling with my computer along side of the hat . . .

. . . sweet Roscoe quickly came to aide me and jumped in to save me without thinking his rescue through . . .

. . . Momo grabbed a life preserver but she threw it so hard that she ended up throwing herself in as well . . .

. . . Opus came to our rescue next and climbed onto the sign and used his tail as a rope. With no time to spare he told us to all get onto his tail. I was first to grab ahold, then Roscoe along with Momo clinging to his back. Roscoe's ate extra cookies at lunch and this might have proved to be too much for Opus's tail . . .

. . . we all were almost out of danger when Opus's tail could not hold all of our weight spilling us back into the quicksand . . .

. . . With no one around to hear our pleas for help the four of us quickly sunk into the sand . . .

Who will save us??????? Will CCSI loose four of it's executives to the quicksand????


All photos by Opus & Roscoe

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Lot Of Hot Air

With great sadness we all gathered this morning to say good bye to our dear friends Karl and Ruis. Ruis had to go back home to be with his family after Maxime went to the bridge. Our hearts are heavy and our prayers are with him and his family. Karl headed back to The Cat Realm to get ready for another Dare.

Photo by Karl

Photo by Opus & Roscoe

The four of us decided that we would go out and do a little bird watching this afternoon. While we were busy looking at things we discovered a place where we could rent a hot air balloon for the day . . .

Photo by Opus & Roscoe

. . . it didn't take too long before we got into a little bit of trouble. If you look closely you can see Roscoe isn't in the basket of the balloon . . .

Photo by Opus & Roscoe

. . . lending a paw Roscoe quickly was back on board with us. While we were on our ride we all had the feeling that we were not alone. Such a silly feeling as who else would have been up there with us? . . .

Photo by Opus & Roscoe

. . . what a wonderful day we had.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rhino Day

Today was marked with great excitement as we headed out into the jungle to spend the day observing the rhinoceroses. The rhino has always been a favorite of Roscoe and he could hardly sleep last night . . .

Photo by Karl

. . . soon after we started out in the morning we ran into a little bit of trouble . . .

. . . Opus taking control of the driving was doing all he could to avoid a dangerous situation . . .

. . . not having the word fear in his vocabulary Roscoe immediately went into action . . .

Photo by Karl

. . . coming to an agreement with the rhinos we were then allowed to proceed with our drive.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Too Little Time

It is with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes I post that little Violette Noelle "Sprout" has been called away. There are no words to express the sadness and pain felt by family and friends.

You can find out more at the Cat Blogosphere or stop by Monty Q's and Darling Millie's to leave your condolences.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

R & R Again

We all decided today would be an anything day. Momo and I opted to stay at the lodge and catch up on some girl talk and enjoy just being lazy . . .

. . . the quite one, Opus, took the time to do a little reading . . .

. . . sweet Roscoe enjoyed swimming with the hippos so much that he went back to the popular swimming hole and spent the day with his new NOMS friends . . . not sure where Karl and Ruis are or what they are up to, no one has seen them all day.

At the end of the day Opus and Roscoe squeeze a little more rest time and Momo and I, well we . . . we . . . . you get the idea.

Photos by Opus & Roscoe

Friday, August 8, 2008


Today was spent getting to know our friends the alligators. They were quite pleasant though Karl and Ruis preferred to keep their distance while Opus and Roscoe got to know their new friends better.

Taking a swim with an alligator was so exciting. Getting to know them better I have decided that no more alligator purses for me!!

In the early evening Opus takes Momo & Roscoe out in the boat to scout for more gators to watch.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hippos & The Missing Computer

Photo by Opus & Roscoe

The mystery has been solved as to what happened to the computer. It seems that Roscoe was talking to the hippos and telling them all about the blogging world and of the many friends that we have met along the way. They wanted to check things out so he let them borrow the computer in trade for a chance to swim with them.

Photo by Opus & Roscoe

While Karl and Ruis visited with the giraffes we got in a little R&R.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy NOMS Day !

I teleported back from the safari to use the home computer and wish all a Happy NOMS DAY, not of my species!!!!

Karl introduced me to NOMS friends and because of this I would like to recognize my first NOMS . . .

. . . a special Happy NOMS Day to my doggie sissie, Asta.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Post Card For All

Graphics by Karl

Dear Friends,

We are having a great time in South Africa. As you can see by the photo Ruis and Karl caught up with us. They arrived in the nick of time as they helped us get away from a native tribe. We were in hot water for awhile but it was just a little mix up and everything turned out OK. Now we have a new group of friends.

Soon our trip will be over but we still have some things planned such as seeing some alligators, rhinoceros, zebras, and giraffes.

I won't be posting until later in August as the computer has been misplaced, maybe the natives are borrowing it. I have looked for it every where but had no luck in finding it.

I hope all of you are having a great summer or getting ready for winter, depending where you live.

Looking looking forward to getting back home and resting up from our safari and getting back in touch with all of you. Please know that I am thinking of you. Please visit me while I am gone and don't forget me.


Friday, August 1, 2008


We started off our morning with quite a surprise. The hut we were sleeping in that night was surrounded by leopards. At first we were taken aback but soon found out that then were just as interested in us as we were interested in them.

After spending the day together and exploring we all took a giant cat nap while Karl kept an eye out for intruders.


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