Monday, November 19, 2007

CCSI Cast Speaks Out

When leaving the studio after the premiere run of CCSI: Cat/Canine Crime Scene Investigators the cast and crew were caught by reporters giving their take on the show.

Sassy Cat - Producer
. . . without my two writers, Opus & Roscoe, we would not have had this exciting show. . . with a twist in the ending, a surprise for sure. The actors were the best bringing to their part their own unique quality. . . This show was tops!!!

Opus & Roscoe - Writers
. . . the cast was great, the crew was wonderful and everyone was fun to work with.

Ruis - Director, Sailor Sam
. . . even for me as director the conclusion is surprising when I see it.

Baroness Momo - The Fluff of Dicken St. Charles
. . . What a great show and cliffhanging ending . . . wonderful job . . . job, well done.

Latte - Detective Gill Fishham
. . . Awsone!!! Awsome!!! Woo hoo!!! 4 paws up.!!!

Daisy - Miss Fistacuffs
. . . The cast and crew were the greatest . . . and the illustrations, marvelous! . . . Bravo, Bravo! What an exciting story. You all done a fantastic job!

Asta - Mr. Pesce
I had no idea how the ending would be . . . that was vewy exciting, and so well done . . . A Gweat Case!

Momo doggie - Second Mate Sandy
Great script and amazing casts and crews!

Maggy - Third Mate & Zoey - Fourth Mate
. . . Great cast and crew . . . and the Art Director did a fine job, too! Congratulations to all . . . very good well done.

Tigger - Snarls
. . . the ending was wonderful. Good job Opus and Roscoe, Sassy Cat, and Ruis!! Excellent!! . . . loved it!

We have two professional reviewers, Tybalt and Samatha, they will be sending me their write up on the CCSI premier show. This will be posted as soon as I receive it.

Any cast member who wishes his/her photo not to be published please let me know and it will be removed from this post.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha -- that is not me!! That's Gucci. ;) I have sent a picture from me to your email, Sassy.


Sassy Cat said...

Ruis-OOOPPPSSSSSSSS, I was wondering about that when I saw it, I thought for sure that was you. Oh a million apologies. I will fix it right away.

Jan said...


We stopped by earlier but forgot to leave a message. We just loved your story and the wonderful cast of characters. You are all so special! Thank you all for a job well done and some great entertainment.

Jan's Funny Farm residents

MoMo said...

Thankeeeeee to everykitty in the show, especially the producer and the writers. Look forward to the reviews!

Sassy Cat said...

Jan-Thanks for stopping back. I am looking forward to gettting to know the gang better. This bloggin sure is fun.

Momo-We sure did have fun, I wonder who will write the next show??? And what it will be about???

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I have to say I'm really exhausted from all of the excitement! It was such a great experience.


Sassy Cat said...

Kaze, Latte, & Chase-Boy ya can say that again. I have been pretty tired, I didn't get much of a change to visit anyone today. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. Hey have ya all started working on a story yet? Might think about a holiday mystery as we head into December. What do you say are you game??

Samantha & Tigger said...

Wonderful!! This was such fun and we can't wait till the next episode. The Holiday Mystery sounds cool!! Mom was gone most of today Sassy and I'll get the review out tomorrow. (Sam) Everyone was such fun to work with and it was a great experince. (Tigger)
Your FL furiends,

Cat Naps in Italy said...

What a great post Sassy! It was fun to read what eveyrone said. Can't wait to read the reviews! Unless of course they are bad ones! Hehhehee!

Opusa and Roscoe

Sassy Cat said...

Samatha- The cast & crew cannot wait to see the review! Too exciting.

& Tigger-I am so glad that ya were in the first esisode of CCSI, you did a great job!

Opus & Roscoe-With the great story line CCSI had, thanks to ya two, I don't see how we could get a bad review. I guess ya never know. It ain't over yet. Will rest better once the official reviews to come in.

Asta said...

You desewve all the accolades you get! you did such a mawvelous job..I know evewyone who pawticipated felt pampewed and the atmosphewe bwought out theiw best wowk!

I'm now going to go visit youw sick fwiend wight away and give some love
smoochie kisses

Momo :) said...

Sassy... sorry, I couldn't stop by earlier. I needed to take a good rest from all of the excitment at the studio and the premier.
This post is great. You're the best producer!!!

Momo xoxo

The Cat Realm said...

That was such a wonderful experience, thank you sooo much! And you got us going to think about a Holiday mystery... And Emil said he wants to be a "kitten star" and was meant to be in a "detective movie" considering where his name came from...
Thank you so very much, Sassy, we had lots of fun!

Dragonheart said...

Fabulous! :) I'm glad to hear that the show went so well!

Sassy Cat said...

Asta-Thanks for heading to Beau's place I know this will help him and his family during this difficult time.

Momo-Thanks, I could only the "the best producer" cause I had the best crew and cast!

Karl-You are more than welcome. All I need now are stories. I am going to put a call out probably tomorrow.

Dragonheart-Thanks, yes it was fun to do, a lot of work though, and the reviews from the viewers were good. We are still waiting to hear from the professional reviewers.

Maggy & Zoey said...

This is a another great post.... you did an excellent job with all of this. Hope it will carry thru to the Emmy Awards!

Daisy said...

I really enjoyed being part of this great broadcast event! I cannot wait to read the reviews.

Sassy Cat said...

Maggy & Zoey-Glad ya liked the reviews, I'm not sure about the emmey though.

Daisy-Wonder what the next story will ab ebout? I'm going to put a call out next post.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

wonderful!! kudos to you all!

Thanks for letting us know about Beau, we sent him many purrs and prayers for a quick recovery and that he feels all better soon.

Take care!

MoMo said...

Hi Sassy,
Thanks for telling me about Beau. I went over straight away. He is such a nice kitty and I sure hope he gets better soon. Waiting for the reviews and hoping that they are good. What else could they be with such fantastic writers, producer and director.

Sassy Cat said...

Mr. Hendrix- Thanks for thinking of Beau, I thought ya would want to know. It never hurts to have your friends pulling for ya.

Momo-So glad you visited Beau. I know that will make him feel better. I do so hope he can get his health back.


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