Friday, May 2, 2008

CCSI III: Missing Mummy Caper Cast

It is my pleasure and honor to introduce the newest members of Little Productions and the stars of CCSI III: Missing Mummy Caper scheduled to post on May 10 & 11.

I will need all of the new cast members to e mail me as soon as possible, my address is on the sidebar of my blog, to finalize the casting of your part.

Also, for the cast joining us in the production of CCSI III you will all receive the official CCSI Badge, designed by Opus and Roscoe, and it can be placed on the sidebar of your blog if you wish. This is given to all of those who participate in the CCSI shows.

l-r: Maya, Tamra Maew, Jessica, Palbo, Mr. Hendrix, Marilyn Monreow, Charlotte, Miss Peach, Roxy, Orlando Bun, & Cameron
Foreground l-r: Eric & Merlin

l-r: Dr. Tweety, Beau, Rocky, Brainball, Mickey, Scylla, Derby, Sassy, Airel, Tyler & Zippy

Detective Bucky Bun: Orlando Bun
Detective Harry Moe: Mickey
Papa Adam Ball: Mr. Hendrix
Mama Patti Ball: Marilyn Monroew
Cleoctra Ball: Charlotte
Tonto Ball: Pablo
Mika Ball: Eric
Rudy Ball: Merlin
Ling Ling: Jessica
Mr. Doogle: The Devil Dog-Roxy
Peachy Pitt: Miss Peach
Catherine Pitt: Ariel
Uncle Bill: Cameron
Paramedic #1: Tyler
Paramedic #2: Derby
Nurse #1: Tamra Maew
Nurse #2: Zippy
Dr. Kieran: Dr. Tweety
Policeman #1: Rocky
Policeman #2: Maya

Sassy (From Taylor Catsssss)

Aniwa, Xing-Xing, Goldie, Sukie, Faith Boo, Ayla, Queen Snickers, Billy, & Fat Eddy.

Welcome aboard CCSI III and congratulations to all of the many talented furries that came out for auditions. Please take the time to sign my guest book.

Looking foward to working with all of you.


MoMo said...

Wow! The cast looks fantastic!

Sassy Kat said...

A big welcome to all the cast members of cCSI III: Missing Mummy Caper. A great show is now in the making!

Maya and Kena said...

Hi Sassy!
Wow! What a great cast!! And thank you fur letting me be part of it! Can't wait!
I'm off to send you a pawmail!
Wags and licks,

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, wow! I'm so excited. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work with all of you. This is my first acting job and I hope I won't be so nervous I forget my line(s).

DK & The Fluffies said...

Oh Binkies! It's Orlando Bun (not DK) I'm very happy to be playing the part of Detective Bucky Bun.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Congratulations to all the cast!

Punkin said...

Looks like a gweat show is in the making. Wooking forward to view the show;
Congrats to alls.

Woof and Licks


The Cat Realm said...

What a cast!!! What a fabulous show it will be! Once again! We posted too!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

WHOO HOO, I'M A MEMBER OF THE CAST!!! I'm so excited! Thank you!!!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

yippie yippie! i'm so so excited! thank you for your confidence in me! i won't let you down.

Mickey said...

I am too excited!!! I get to work with some cool cats and my Sweetie Miss Peach!! <3
Purrs Mickey

Stifler said...


Tyler said...

Oh boy, oh boy, I am SO excited! Sassy, thanks so much for putting me in your production. I think it's wonderful to have a bun in the story. Wow, this is going to be so much fun! My mom better pay me the big treats for doing this job! I'm going to be the most famous one in my house. The future is looking bright, very bright. I'm going to go see if my mom will fork over the cash for an agent. Thanks again for choosing me.

Tyler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Asta said...

Sassy Sissy,
Thank you fow visiting me..I'm sowwy we wewen't able to wun awound and have ouw oosual was pwetty quiet specially fow NY, but Mommi is just not well, and couldn't take us.
You wewe all so considewate, I hope you wewen't too bowed, and at least got a bweak fwom all youw hawd wowk
smoochie kisses
Asta siss

Charlotte said...

Oh, Oh, Oh!!!!! I'm in! I'm in! Thanks so much Sassy and everyone in the casting committee.

This is the most exciting thing that has happened for a long time. This is my first time on the stage. I am so excited! I shall try very hard to learn my lines and do my job. It will be fun meeting and working with all the furries.

Please leave messages on my blog rather than my email because it is not working very well.

China Cat said...

What a wonderful cast!

Purrrrrs, China Cat

Willow said...

Congratulations to the new cast! I can't wait for the show!

Purrrrrrrrrrrs, Willow

One-Eyed Jack said...

Yay! Another episode! What a Great cast!

Speaking of CSI and kitties, have you see this on Cheezburger?


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, thank you so much! I'm so excited to be part of the cast. Mama Patti Ball sounds like a fabulous role! *smile*

I'll email you immediately!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Brainball said...

Oh wow, what fun! I'm honored to be a part of CCSI. Looking forward to working with everyone, and I'm sending you an email!

Rumbly purrs and floofy headbonks from Brainball.

Jewelgirl said...

Looking forward to CCSI lll, I
am sure it will be a great fun!
I will be looking forward to
CCSI IV ! Purrs! Aniwa Scrat

The Meezers said...

concatulations to the cast! we thought Billy hadded a part 'acuase we sented in his pikshurs, but that's ok, he can wait 'till the next one.

Tamra Maew said...

Look forward to my role as a nurse!

About how I'd like my name in the credits, Tamra Maew will do!

Thanks again for casting me :)

Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

Congratulations to the cast!We are so excited to see hte production!

The Cat Realm said...

Sassy - I need some help at my blog....

MoMo said...

I am having trouble with Gmail yesterday and today. My replies are not being sent properly. They get stuck. The other websites are alright.

Cecilia, The 2Bs & Madness said...

LOL, we just had to comment, because our Mom is a CSI fanatic. Oh, she says the ORIGINAL CSI. Maybe next time she will let us participate... if she is not too busy watching all her CSI DVDs.

Eric and Flynn said...

Oh I am so eggsited to get a part. That'll show my smartypants brofurr that he's not the clever one like he finks.Fanks so much.
Purrs Eric
I couldn't reply befurr cuz I didn't know how to turn the compooter on wiv our Beans being away, and I had to get Flynn to do it furr me.

Momo & Pinot said...

Sissy!!! Great cast on new episode of CCSI!!! This is very exciting!!!! We can't wait!!

Momo & Pinot aka previous CCSI cast :D


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