Friday, October 19, 2007

Opus & Roscoe

I want dedicate this post to Opus and Roscoe. They were the first to visit my blog and have come back to visit again. I took this photo off of their blog. Opus is the cat in the front and Roscoe is in the back.

Opus and Roscoe are brothers who's mom moved them way way far away from Indiana, USA to Italy. They, like their mom, packed all of their belongings and headed for the airport and flew to Italy. They sound like they have fun living outside of the USA. I am wondering if they speak Italian? I will have to ask them.

When I visited Opus and Roscoe's blog I saw that they like some of the same books and movies that I like. I hope some of you will visit them. Please let them know that Sassy sent you. You can get to their blog from my link-Cat Naps In Italy.

Since I am new to the blogging world is it OK to dedicate a post to somecat?


Cat Naps in Italy said...

Thanks Sassy for your sweet post. It was so kind of you to feature us on your blog. Thanks also for adding us as a link. We will do the same for your blog.

We think it is ok to write posts about other cats. In fact, you should more! Have you been to visit some our friends listed on our links? We have expat cats, cats who dress in clothes and even an Indianapolis Colts fan cat. Be sure to check them out and write away.

Thanks again, or as they say around here "grazie"!
Opus and Roscoe
ps. We do speak some Italian but not much. Did you know that in Italy the cats say meow the same way???? It is spelled different, miao!

Mia and Ghost said...

We think it is fine to dedicate a post. Opus & Roscoe are great cats - we love to hear of their adventures in Italy. We wouldn't want to have to move that far though - we are too old for that.

The Meezers said...

Hi Sassy!! We is happy to meet you!! You blog look great! - Sammy and Miles

Kimo & Sabi said...

Helloooo there Sassy Cat - nice to meet ya! WE hopes you come and visit us sometime...we will add yer linky to our blog roll.

P.S. - we fink it's great to dedicate a post to yer blogging buddies!

Derby said...

Hello Sassy. I am Derby, the Sassy Cat! Isn't it fun being sassy?

I see lots of my other furiends have been here. Opus, Roscoe, The Crew, Mia, Ghost, the Meezers and more.

If you would like to meet more kitties and can fit it into your schedule. I am having a purrthday party tommorrow. Stop by my blog for details.

Sassy Cat said...

Opus & Roscoe-I am so glad you liked my post about you. I wasn't sure if it was too soon to do something like that but I went ahead with it anyway. I had no idea that cats in Italy meowed the same way but spelled it differently. Thanks for the information. Ciao

Mia & Ghost-I know what you mean about moving and being to old for the move too. Count me out if a move is to be made. Luckly for me, though, I believe I am here until I use up all nine of my lives.

The Meezers-Glad to meet you too. I also am glad you like my blog. I will visit you soon.

Kimo & Sabi-I am so glad that you stopped into my Blog. I will add you to my links, since you are adding mine I didn't think you would mind. Thanks Stop back again. Will visit you over the weekend.

Derby-From one sassy cat to another, glad to meet you. I certainly want to attend the party and when I am done with my comments I am heading over to your blog. Will Opus and Roscoe be attending? They are my friends.

Mickey said...

Hi Sassy!!! Nice to meet you. It's nice of you to introduce your friends too.It's always fun to meet new friends.
Come and visit and I will visit too

The Meezers said...

Hi Sassy! Thanks for visiting us!

Sammy is my older brother. He is also a siamese cat and is one year older than me. (we are brothers from different parents. hahahaha). His eye is ok. He's a big baby. Mommy got my pirate costume at Petco. I will be wearing it for Halloween. I don't mind wearing clothes too much, as long as they don't have sleeves. This costume has sleeves, so it's harder to walk around in it than in my fishing vest or my denim jacket. - Miles Meezer

Samantha & Tigger said...

Hi Sassy Cat! It's cool to feature other cats and Opus and Roscoe are our furiends, too. We are Samantha & Tigger and we are very pleased to meet you. We will add you to our blog so we can come back to visit you.
Your FL furiends,

Cheysuli said...

It is your blog, so you can do whatever you want!

Nice to meet you!

leslie said...

G'day from Australia!
There are three of us and we all are sure that we are Top Cat!
Tigger the tortoiseshell is 8.
Trixie the tuxedo cat is turning 4.
Pyesmacket, I mean Pyewacket, is our Siamese. She is eight months and she is an IMP!
We like your blog. :)

Samantha & Tigger said...

Hi Sassy Cat, Samantha here from The Tuxedo Gang Hideout. Yes, you have to be a black & white, or Grey & White cat to join, but this weekend we are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging, so you can leave a link to one of your posts,(preferably with pictures) and we'll put it up. Have a nice weekend.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Hey, Sassy. We just saw a comment about you on the Cat Blogosphere and thought we'd head over and say HI, and welcome to kittie blogging.

Daisy said...

You can do anything you want in your posts, it is your blog! And it is very nice to dedicate a post to another cat. I am going to go visit Opus and Roscoe now.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi! Nice to meet you. It is always OK to dedicate posts to other kitties. It is much nicer to do it when the kitties are able to read the nice things you say too (often we'll do tributes to friends who've crossed the Bridge). I live in Ohio and I'm an indoor kitty too. I was a feral rescue so I dont like cars at all (usually means the VET). I love my couch and a soft bed.
I'd love it if you stop by and visit me. Mommy will add you to my blog linkies ASAP so we can visit lots.

brandi said...

Hi! Mr. Hendrix is my sweetie, by the way, and we are having a party on November 3. You are welcome to come. There are lots of parties with the kitties of the blogosphere!

Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. Mama will put you up on our latest links VERY soon (or else, mama!)

MoMo said...

Hi Sassy,
Thanks for visiting my blog so soon. I see that you have many friends now. I have dropped by Opus and Roscoe's. Love Italian food - pizza, yay!

DaisyMae Maus said...

It's excellent to dedicate posts to other cats that you wanna meet or honor in some way ... It's also furry flattering!

Welcome to the blogosphere, Sassy!


Sassy Cat said...

Leslie-I tried to visit you today but could not get into your blog. I do not understand. I hope you come back and visit.

Sassy Cat said...

Mickey-So nice of you to stop by. I am looking forward to getting to know you better.

The Meezers-I like getting to know more about you. I visited your blog again, I must say your picture of you dressed up like a pirate makes me smile.

Samatha & Tigger-I have added you to my link, that way I can click right over to your place. See you soon.

Cheysuli-Thank you for your feedback, I guess I am a little shy and want to make sure I don't break any blog rules if there are any to break.

Samatha & Tigger-Thanks for the information. I know Opus and Roscoe are grey & white cats, I will pass this information on to them. Thanks for stopping back.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie-Glad to meet you. I stopped over to your place today and read about you all. I mentioned that Allie and I have the same interests. Nice to make new friends.

Daisy-Let me know what you think about Opus and Roscoe. I know they like to meet new friends too.

Mr. Hendricks-I think what you said was true. It is better to post a dedication so one can read it about themselves until waiting until it is too late. I will remember that and try to let those who I love how much they mean to me. I addded you to my link to I can just click over when I want to visit.

Brandi-I didn't know you knew Mr. Hendrick, are you boyfriend & girfriend? I don't know him too well yet but he seems nice. I would like to come to the party.

Momo-I am glad that you are going to visit Opus and Roscoe. I think you will like them.

Daisy Mae Maus-Thanks, Mr. Hendrix said almost the same thing. Will stop by your place so I can get to know you more.

I tried to leave a message to all who have visited, if I for some reason missed someone please let me know. I want to not hurt feelings with my new found friends.

MoMo said...

Thanks for dropping in again. Do come by - I love company. I have added you as a link. We new bloggers need to support each other! My SS is not very smart with the computer and can't do things that a lot of other kitties can do but we manage. Please put a picture of yourself up. We would like to see you!

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Hi and welcome to the blogosphere. We sure would like to see your pichers.


Sassy Cat said...

Momo-Thanks for adding me as a link, I added you to my blog also. Come back again.

Big Piney Woods Cats-Thamks for stopping by I will visit you tomorrow, now I am so sleepy it is time for a nap.

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Hello, Sassy. Thanks for stopping by. The fall colors are at about their peek here. I don't know WHY the beans chase the leaves around the yard. Beans are weird.
Charcoalie is our garden statue cat, what we in the Cat Blogosphere call a "Squillion". I'm an attack tabby while silly young Victor is the snuggly one. Welcome to blogging!

Bonnie Underfoot said...

PS Victor was 8 months old when he invaded my home or, as he says, "dopted" the woman.

Riley & Tiki said...

We think that dedicating a post to someone is a very nice thing to do.

The Buckeyes scared us for a little while with those two turnovers. We are glad that Michigan State's offense only scored a field goal. Go Bucks!

The Crew said...

Of course it's OK to dedicate a post to whomever you want. It's YOUR blog...go for it.


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