Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Cruise

Sassy & Emil on deck before the dance.

The 2008 Valentine's Love Cruise hosted by Momo is now a wonderful memory. Momo hosted one of the finest cruise's I have been on, paying attention to the tiniest detail, her guests were left to want for nothing.

Opus helping out the crew in the pilot house of the cruise ship.

We left port from a pier near the iconic Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia. Soon after we were on our way the call for lunch was announced. A wonderful meal was served and as we ate we enjoyed the spetacular view of Sydney's coastline. The food table was magnificant with choices of canapes, salmon platter, cold meats platter, meatballs in ricotta cause, prawn salad and sushi, and sashimi. After stuffing our faces with lunch desserts were then offered to all of the guests who could find room to eat more. After lunch we could relax in the different lounges or go ashore and explore the beautiful sandy beaches. I stayed on the ship and rested up because I knew the best was yet to come, dinner and dancing in the evening.

Sassy & Roscoe enjoying the scenic coastline of Syndey.

When we returned to Syndey the lights of the city were just coming on and it was time to gather in the lounge for cocktails. After cocktails we all went to the ship's restaurant and settled in to enjoy choices of filet with lump crabmeat, flounder imperial, lobster imperial, or surf and turf with crabmeat. Served for dessert was a mousse Valentine specially commissioned by my sissy Asta, too delicious. After dinner we retired to the lounge for coffee, cognac and port, you could feel the excitement in the lounge as we all anticipated the upcoming dance.

Two sweethearts at the dance, Socks & Sissy Momo.

Many photos were taken during the Valentine's Love Cruise and these are a few of the ones that I have. You can tell that every cat/doggie enjoyed themselves on this cruise. Thank you so much Momo for hosting this spectacular Valentine's event!! I hope that this might be a yearly event too.

Opus looking so debonaire.

Roscoe, likewise, looking as debonaire as his brother Opus.

Sissy Asta enjoying the scenic shoreline of Syndey.
Photo by Asta

Percy, handsome as always, outside of the disco lounge.

Beautiful Charlie having her photo taken before the start of the dance.
Photo by Charlie

The newly engaged couple, Ruis & Karl entering the disco lounge.

If you have time stop over to Momo's place as she has more photos to share with you.


Jan said...

Sassy, It's always such fun to read your blog. Never know what we'll find.

We thought everyone looked elegant.

jans funny farm

topcatrules said...

Love it all!

Maya and Kena said...

Oh wow!
That looks like a great cruise!! You are all having so much fun, huh?
Have a great day! And oh yeah! Happy day after Valentine's day day!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Asta said...

This was such a womantic cwuise..I hated to leave it...I know you wewew busy, that's why I didn't invite you to the Poke-a-nose, plus, I kind of know how my sissies feel about the cold snowy stuff, hehe
smoochie kisses
Asta siss

Sassy Kat said...

Jan-Thanks, just have too much fun over here.

TCR-Thanks, need to see ya all on the next adventure.

Maya & Kena-Need ya two on the next adventure too. You would have a lot of fun.

Asta-I appreciate ya rememberin that I didn't like the snow. If ya needed me though I would walk through ten feet tall snow drifts to get to ya.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Those are great photos. The cruise was amazing!

MoMo said...

You have some great photos of the cruise there, sis! Thanks for coming and making it so much fun. Also thanks for helping me in organizing the cruise party and taking the photos as well as the gifts. Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everyone had a delightful time! I'm sorry we Ballicai couldn't make it, but we are enjoying the beautiful photos so much... everyone looks fabulous!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Christine and FAZ said...

A very elegant event. FAZ

Moki said...

Wow it sonds like you group of kitties had a wonderful time!

Sassy Kat said...

Momo-Was a great cruise so of course we would have great photos. So much fun, let's make this a yearly event.

Marilyn-I hope for our next adventure ya can come along.

Christine & Faz-Was an elegent cruise, Momo thought of everything.

Moki-Thanks for stoppin by, I will come on over tomorrow and get to know ya. I hope on our next outing ya will come along.


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