Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The aCATemy Awards

CCSI makes a clean sweep at the aCATemy Awards hosted by Skeezix The Cat at the Kodak Theatre!

The executives of Little Productions celebrate a huge win at the aCATemy Awards.
l-r: Ruis, Karl, Sassy, Opus & Roscoe

I received a message from Skeezix and it read, "Hi, Sassy! Were yoo as upset as I was last night win I watched the Academy Awards and discuverd that not only did yoo not win an award for yer werk in CCSI, BUT YOO WERN'T EVEN NOMMYNATED??!! I was agast. So, here is an aCATemy Award to aknolidge yer owtstanding award-winning contribyooshun to CCSI! " Upon receiving this news it was quickly followed by much celebration.

Skeexiz presents Sassy with her award.

I would like to at this time to thank everyone that has been involved with the CCSI series and without their help and encouraging words I would not be standing here now. I cannot remember all of the names of those who have helped me along the way so I will not do individual names as I do not want to forget anyone. I owe so many who have reached out to me along the way and this award is because of the help you have given to me in the many areas of production and keeping me going with kind words when I was ready to quit. I owe all of you so much and hope that you know how important and how I so value your friendships. A big thank you to Skeexiz for hosting the aCATemy Awards and honoring all of those so deserving of this award. It is my pleasure and honor to accept this prestigious award and I shall treasure it always. Again thank you to all.

The honorees show off their awards outside the Kodak Theatre.
front l-r: China Cat, Bonnie, Maggie, Pinot, Charlie & Momo.
back l-r: Miles, Pepi & Pyewacket.

l-r: Trixie, YaoLin, Sanjee, Percy, Asta, Momo & Tigger.

l-r: Tigger The FBIcat, Maggie, Dragonheart, Victor Tabbycat & Lattee.

l-r: Gemini, Tybalt, Samatha, Sammy, Daisy, Willow & Adan. Photo by Opus & Roscoe

Heading back to Little Productions professional photos were taken of the executives with Skeezix.
Professional photos by Opus & Roscoe

What a fantastic evening of friends, fun, and sharing of a most memorable event in the life of CCSI. Thank you again fans and especially Skeezix.

With all of the partying going it is hard to tell if all who received awards had their photos taken. If you missed out on your photo session please let me know and we will schedule an appointment to have your picture taken with your award. If there is mix up in the names please let the production crew know and the necessary changes will be made. Congrats to all!!

Award Photos by Sassy
Professional Photos by Opus & Roscoe
Fashion Designs by Daisy, Karl, Ruis & Sassy


Gemini and Ichiro said...

Oh we all look so good at the awards! YEAH!

Daisy said...

Skeezix looks so handsome in his tuxedo! Sigh.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

ConCATulations on your award and on a job well done!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Wow, what a night of celebrations! Great acceptance speech, Sassy. Better than any of the Academy Award gabblings. We ALL look so good too, especially the executives. Thankyou for all the hard work, well done!

The Cat Realm said...

What an honor! Who would have thought just some month ago that CCSI will be receiving aCATemy Awards in our first year already!
And all thanks to you Sassy! Without you there would be no CCSI, no shows, no awards, no fun!
You came up with the idea, and you pushed it through and made it work and produced two awesome shows.
We - as members of Little Productions, as cast and crew, and as the audience are indebted to you forever.
Thank you, Sassy, for giving us CCSI and congratulations on this most deserved award!

Asta said...

My Deaw sissy,This is such a pawsome achievement fow all of us, but especially YOU!! The inspiwation and moving fowce behind all that Little Pwoductions has achieved, and the wondewful high quality of the CCSI movies!!
You desewve all the accolades!!
I loved youw speech! and I know the footoowe holds even mowe awawds fow you!
smoochie kisses

Cat Naps in Italy said...

What a wonderful night for CCSI and for all of us involved with the show! Concatulations Sassy! Job well done!

Opus and Roscoe
ps. We like the first photo the best, though they all turned out great!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful acceptance speech, Sassy!!

I am repeating the others, but I don't care... Without you there would be no CCSI and no aCatemy Awards! With CCSI you brought so many cats and dogs together and all became friends of each other. The human world can take an example of that.

Congratulations, girl!


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Congratulations, Sassy, and to all involved! I was honoured to receive an award. :)


Jan Price said...

Sassy, We're sorry but we needed to blog about a sick kitty in need today, so we'll post about the awards tomorrow.

jans funny farm

Juno said...

Sissy, congrats on the special award. Working with you and all the crews of CCSI was so much fun!
We love the photos. Everyone looks gorgeous and you absolutely look stunning at the celebration.

Momo & Pinot

PB 'n J said...

Congratulations on you award - everyone looks wonderful!

Islay said...

Congratulations, Sassy, and, as always, thanks for a really super time!
licks & slobbers

Maya and Kena said...

Congrats Sassy! Woof woof!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Jan Price said...

We finally posted Percy's aCATemy Award photo. Sorry we were late doing so.

jans funny farm


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