Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Surprise Birthday Party Invitation

All are invited! Hope to see you there!!


Jan said...

Haven't told the funny farm yet. They can't keep a secret.


MoMo said...

I'll be doing a post on it as well.

Asta said...

What if the funny fawm weds this?
smoochie kisses,Asta
(I did put up the invitation!)

MoMo said...

Don't worry Asta, Jan has been hogging the computer over there - the furries haven't got a chance as long as no cat/dog leave a comment on their blog about this.

The Cat Realm said...

Such a fabulous idea! Emil and I will head over there first thing in the morning!!!
Mrs. OZ

The Cat Realm said...

Sassy - I really like your header!

MoMo said...

C'mon, sissy! We're all there!

MoMo said...

Hey, sis, love your new header!


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