Wednesday, November 21, 2007

CCSI: Episode II-The Santa Caper/Case

Producer/Casting - Sassy Cat
Co-Producers - Opus & Roscoe
Director/Casting - Ruis
Writer - Karl At The Cat Relm
Graphic Design/Photography - Karl At The Cat Relm, Opus & Roscoe, Daisy, Asta, & Ruis
Staff Repurrter for The Cat Blogosphere/Reviewer - Samatha
Reviewer - Tybalt

I am pleased to announce that a script has come into my office and has been given the go ahead. Karl from The Cat Relm is our writer for our next show and I must add that he has come up with an exciting show! Please stop over to Karl's and congratulate him.

Call for graphics/photos: We are still in need of more help with graphic design/photos and are seeking 3-4 paw more friends in this area. If you want to help with photos let me know asap. If you are working with the photos this does not mean that you cannot try out for a part in the show.

Also, remember that there is always a need for future shows so keep on writing, keep putting your pen to the paper or paws to the keyboard.

Be on the lookout there will be a casting call soon.

Graphic Design by Karl


Samantha & Mom said...

Yippie! A new story already!! We can hardly wait for the next episode!
Your FL furiends,

Jan Price said...

Ooooh, we can't wait for the next story to come out!

Jan's Funny Farm

Cat Naps in Italy said...

Can we be IN the show this time?

We would be happy to help out with a few of the photos. We say "we" but we really mean the human will do it. hehehehehe!

Can't wait to see the new show!

Opus and Roscoe

Hot(M)BC said...

Woo hoo a noo story!
Gosh we wishes we could volunteer Mommy but if we does that we won't see her til next spring prolly. Oh well. We'll tell her to do it when she's not quite so bizzy wif our ofur projects for da cats.
Sanjee and the Hotties

Sassy Kat said...

Samatha & Tigger-I am with you, this is an exciting show! You will not believe it.

Jan-Thanks, be sure to keep posted on the casting calls etc.

Opus & Roscoe-Casting calls will be announced at a later date. Be sure to watch for the posts as it is important to get yor faces out there asap when the call is made.

Hot(M)BC-Maybe you could ask your mom if she could do one or two pictures. Every little bit would help at this end.

The Cat Realm said...

It got accepted! My script got accepted! I am so happy!!!!!
I do hope you all will like the story...

Sassy Kat said...

Karl-You bet you got accepted. You are one fine writer. Congrats and so looking forward to working with you!! I have sent you some gourmet cat nip via e-mail and hope you have received it. This in appreciation of the wonderful script you have given to me to produce.

Anonymous said...

I am very excited about this next show.

Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

We cannot wait for the next one!!

Daisy said...

I could help with a picture or two. Just let me know what I would need to do!

Christine and FAZ said...

This is turning into a mini production company, I am impressed. I am soooooo looking forward to the next story. FAZ

The Cat Realm said...

Oh , that looks good! How wonderful, Daisy is helping too with the pictures!
No, I did not ever win an Emmy - my post today is a look into the future, when CCSI and all who participate in this show will get an Emmy for best show, producer, cast, camera, etc.!

Sassy Kat said...

Gemini-I too am excited about this next episode. It will have many surprised in store for the viewers.

Captain Jack and Dante-Hey you pirates keep your eyes out for the casting call. There might be a part in there for both of ya.

Daisy-I have put you in with the Graphic/design & photos. Thanks for the offer. Also this doesn't mean that you cannot try out for a part. If you can e-mail me I need to talk to your agent about one of the parts in the story. Since I am aware of your acting skills and I am the casting director my cats need to talk to your cats.

Christine & Faz-Yep, we are getting to the point of becoming a studio. Hey do ya have any ideas for a name?

Karl-Yes, the comming soon photo in the post is excellent. I can only thank my Chief Graphic Design/photo cat for that. Thanks!!

Islay said...

Hi Sassy. You're becoming a prolific producer - I'll have to find my little brain and think of something for you....
licks & slobbers,

If there are sheep (or reindeer) in this one, perhaps I can herd them or something?

Juno said...

Sassy!!! I can't wait Episode II! This will be so exciting again!! Mmmm.. so this is something to do with Santa? I can't stop thinking about the story line though. I guess I am a very curious doggie.

The Ferrari ride in Rome was so much fun and my pawrents are so jealous coz A Roman Holiday is one of my mom's favorite movies!! I am so impressed by Asta and Roscoe's tour!

Momo xoxo

Shaggy and Scout said...

Oh Boy! This is gonna be great!
An encore!

Sassy Kat said...

Charlie-Would you consider being a reindeer? That does not require a lot of hard work. I don't want you to try out for too taxing of a role.

Momo-Be sure to be on the lookout as casting calls will soon be up for grabs. Yep, Santa is in this one. This story has so many twists cats and dogs won't believe their eyes.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout-This is a new CCSI episode not an encore. New story, new cast, new crime and new costumes. It is going to be a good one.

Anonymous said...

Oh my ... My boyfriend writes the 2nd CCSI!! I am sooooo proud of Karl!

Sassy, this is so GREAT!! I cannot wait. Do you think I may be the director again? I asked my mommy Marlene and she loves to help with the graphic/design photo stuff.

I am so excited!!


Sassy Kat said...

Ruis-You got it! I am going to post it now!! Thanks for the offer, I so enjoyed working with ya. It will be fun to do it again.!!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Can't wait to see the next episode! It will be a super dupper one since Karl is writing it and so many talented graphic artists have already offered their service.


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