Saturday, November 17, 2007

CCSI Update

I regret to inform our viewers that due to technical difficulties on the set of CCSI: Cat/Canine Crime Scene Investigators the premiere showing will be delayed for two hours. Your understanding with this problem will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Here in Meowywood you can expect the unexpected and have to adjust plans accordingly.

Please tune back in at 11:00 am est today for the new and exciting premiere of CCSI.


Juno said...

Good morning Sassy!!! Ok.. no problem! I'll be back at 11am! :)

Momo xoxo

Sassy Kat said...

Momo-Thanks for being so understanding

Sassy Kat said...

Anyone checking in that is cast or crew needs to get down to the set. We are fifteen minutes away from airing.

Places on the set. Quiet! and . . . . . .ACTION!!

Samantha & Mom said...

We understand getting a big show like this ready. Mom had to leave before 9, so 11 is fine. Good luck!
Your FL furiends,

Asta said...

Sassy...wewe is evewyone..I'll be back
smoochie kisses

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Oooooooh, are we on? Good thing I am the missing cat and not really required on the set as such.


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