Friday, November 9, 2007

On Strike!

Some of you may have heard that the writers in Hollywood are on strike. This means that already television shows are being affected. The comedy shows at night are now in reruns and other shows are only around with new episodes until the shows that were finished before the strike can be shown. No one knows how long this strike will last but we all know that the humans will not like having to watch reruns. Read on for my idea.

Here is how I see things: the television industry will be open for new programs and the viewers will want new shows. I believe that since we are furry ones that doesn't count for crossing the picket lines, and we need to run with my idea. This could be our big chance! I propose that we develop a new show, with computers no one will get onto the fact that we are four legged pals that can type. With your help and some work at my end we will come up with a story and I will post it on my blog. We will all then get discovered by a big Hollywood agent and as they say the rest is history.

Here is how things will work. This first week I will ask for submissions from those who want to participate for a title of the show. When you submit the title of your show be sure to include what type of show it will be, comedy, mystery, or drama, etc. I will then choose which show looks like a winner and we will go on from there. The second week I will let you all know the title and what type of show we will be writing for. Then I will ask for a brief story line and each week after that we will add to the story, which will be posted on Saturday, from your submissions that are chosen. It will be like writing for a daytime soap.

So, this week starting now I am open for receiving names of shows along with a brief story line. I will call my posts Soap Saturday and the new information will be posted each Saturday with the next writing assignment, each week I will have the story continuing on my posts. The writers will get full recognition for their stories. There are endless opportunities open to all.

It's open to all, hope you get your creative ideas going. Even if we don't get discovered I think this will be a fun to all of us writers who are on board. Hollywood here we come!!


Juno said...

Saaay!! Thanks for calling in. I made home safe. I really enjoyed our get-together at SS's university. oh it was like my dream!
This post is very interesting. You're right! Thare are many four-leggy performars but no writers. I'll think about the title of the new show after I take one more power nap!

Have a good day! It's Friday!

Momo xoxo

Sassy Kat said...

Momo-Thanks for getting back to me. Again thank you so much for the fun yesterday. I like you like the smaller groups. I seem to get lost in a big bunch. Guess that shy thing is still with me. I think a nap sounds like a good idea, guess I'll snuggle down too.


Thanks for checking in on us. We did enjoy the picnic. Our friend Our pal PJ is recovering and we hope Cesar doesn't get in to much trouble, though his hooman probably has a lot of work ahead.

The two of us are fine. Dad kept us out of the fray. We have plenty of dog park friends.

We think your classy sassy, though I wouldn't recommend you stop by. We love cats as do some of our pals, but not all canines are feline friendly.

How about "Pet Drs Fur Ever". Dogs, Cats and birds could work a hospital. You could have a slinky feline giving catscans and a good natured labrador retriever doing the lab work and the a killdeer would be the bird brain doctor hopping around giving advice.

Dog Speed

Cat Naps in Italy said...

Great idea. It could be a crime show. CCSI (cat and canine scene investigation)!

Hmmmm we will have to get our thinking caps on.....

Opus and Roscoe
ps. Great seeing you at the picnic last night Sassy!

Victor Tabbycat said...

What a grate idea, Sassy! I'll put my finkin cap on. Oh, but I don't wear hats. Hmmm maybe der's an idea there.

Ok, a kids 30-minute comedy, "Not for Kitty!"

I've seen lotsa kids comedies wif my boy, an they use lotsa old jokes the adults recognize an haf predictable plots an outcomes, so they's easy to write! Purrs

Victor Tabbycat said...

Sassy, Mom tired to put a xmas hat on me... here's one of my more cooperative pictors. If you look at the next or previous pics, you can see she tried, but I shook the hat off an tried to bite it. Dat's a better use of hats, I fink. Purrs!

Sassy Kat said...

I tried to click on the link and see the photo. It said I needed to open an account, I tried to do that but it then said I didn't have permission to view photo. Maybe you could send it to my e mail as an attachment. I would so like to see it. I didn't know that you really, really, realllllllllly, hate hats. I cannot even think of biting the mom. But desperate times call for desperate measures. I do hope that she has gotten the message and won't try a hat on you again.

Daisy said...

What a great idea! I think we could do a soap opera called "Days of our 9 lives."

The Meezers or Billy said...

we likes Daisy's idea of a soap opera!!! that would be AWSOME!

Victor Tabbycat said...

I's soooo sorry, Sassy! I don't know why that Yahoo/Flickr link is bad. I didn't bite Mom, only the hat.

I sumtimes nibble Mom, then lick, but nefur a real bite... on purpose.

Sassy Kat said...

Essex & Dante-Thanks for getting back to me. I am so glad I got to know you and hope we stay in touch.

Opus & Roscoe-I like your thinking on the story. Develope a story line for submission.

Victor-Thanks for touching base today, I enjoy talking with you. I bet you can come up with a good idea for our story writing. I did see your pictures, thanks, what a cutie. I misread what you said, sorry. You are too sweet to bite.

Daisy-I like this idea too. Develope a story line for submission, I think you might be onto something.

The Meezers-I agree, help her with a story line.

Mr. Hendrix said...

oooooooooo This could totally be our first step in taking over the world.....

Maybe a show about how a befuddled cat owner doesn't even know his cat can type and talk to other cats all around the world! The cat could open closet doors and his/her own cans of stinky goodness and the owner would be clueless and keep buying more???

Hot(M)BC said...

How bout "Housecats of Orange County" Reel tails bout the byootiful housecats of Orange County I dunno which orange county, but one of them I guess. I guess a docudramanitesoap thingy? I dunno whatchacall it. hehehe

PB 'n J said...

Ooohh that sounds like fun - we'll do our best to help!

Cat Naps in Italy said...

Roscoe- I think we should have show about a boy and collie dog. It would be a very smart dog that could do all kinds of interesting things. The dog would always be saving the good people from the bad. And once in a while the boy, Jimmy, could fall in a well and the dog would have to go home for help. The dog could be Massie. Or even better, we could call the dog Ragazzi (pronounced Rah- gah-see), which is Italian for lad or boy!

Opus- Hasn't this been done before Roscoe? I think you watch too much tv. And by the way, the word Ragazzi is the plural form of Ragazzo. So Ragazzi really translates to boys.

Roscoe- You are such a wet blanket Opus!

Cat Naps in Italy said...

Roscoe- PS. We like Daisy's idea of Days of our Nine lives (did you know in Italy that cats only get 7 lives)! Thank goodness we are Americans.

In Daisy's Soap, WE the blog animals could all be the stars of the stories. We could each pick out our own character and then we could make up our stories. For example, Opus and I could be the good twin/bad twin of the show.

Opus- But Roscoe we don't even look a like. Everyone would be able to tell who is who.


Sassy Kat said...

Mr. Hendrix-There was a movie made like that, I think my humans saw it, cannot think of the name though. In the movie they had Ninga cats, it was so cool. They were trying to take over the world etc, I like th idea a lot. Maybe we could work on this too.

Hot(M)BC-I like the name. Maybe we should vote on the choices.

PB&J-Great I think a lot of help will be needed, first thing to to get the name. Maybe we will take a vote on this.

Opus & Roscoe-Roscoe I like the dog story but I do believe it was done but keep on thinking. Maybe Lassie, ha ha, can give you a few ideas. Good thing you have Opus to help guide you. I think with cats in Italy only having 7 lives as you guys get older you might want to move back to the states. That way you would have two extra lives. Or maybe since you are American cats you were allowed to take the two extra lives with you? Do you know how this works? I also like your ideas that "we" are the players in the soap. I had been thinking along those lines myself. I think once we have the title done a casting call will be sent out. There will be an open call so everyone can apply. Yep, I like how this is heading.

Juno said...

Hello Sassy!! Thanks for reminding me about Mafia thingy at Opus and Roscoes'. I don't know if I can find a good costume but I'll try to stop by tomorrow!! Gee, we're so busy to catch up all these pawties (which I don't mine!). We might need to get a Blackberry or something.

Finally it's sunny today. :)
Have a great day!, Sassy!

Momo xoxo

pee ess: I haven't seen my sissy Momo. Where is she?????

Hot(M)BC said...

Hi Sassy,
Victor's right, we do kinda look alike. I may be a lil foofier, but close.
And I speak for all of us when I say voting sounds like a good idea about the name.
your bud Pepi

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Hi Sassy,
Wow, there sure is a lot of discussion on this grand idea of yours. I like Daisy's idea. Should get a script going. SS is a bit fuddled with her thesis and hnce not very creative right at this time. I will sleep on the matter and get back to you.

Samantha & Mom said...

Hey Sassy, this is a great idea! It sounds like a lot of fun, too!
Your FL furiends,

Samantha & Mom said...

PS: We have been working on a Feline Soap Opera with Mom and have lots of cool ideas and plots!
Your FL furiends,

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

I didn't realize Italian kitties are taxed so heavily. The Australian Tax Office only takes an arm and a leg, but not a whole life, let alone two......

The Cat Realm said...

Here is one:
Outpost 9
Cats are superior aliens from another planet who live on earth in disguise to study humans.
The show follows the crew/ team of one spaceship who came to live with a bunch of humans in a small town. This way we can personalize heavily, which connects and keeps the audience as if they are part of the village.
We could have some humans who are suspecious and try to expose the "alien" cats, and the dogs could be rivals from another planet.
The cats of course are the good guys, no matter what!
Now let's talk Royalties.....

Beau said...

I've got a couple of ideas for a name for a soap opurra (notice the spelling for opera):

As the ear/paw turns:

The Vets-could be about cases our doctors deal with..happy, sad, etc., and the trials they go through with us such as biting, being peed and pooped on, scratched, etc., and maybe secret conversations we have with them that our humans can't hear.

Islay said...

Something besides; I must not think too hard and fall asleep! How about Animal House?



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