Sunday, November 25, 2007

Meet The Santa Caper Cast

The production staff and crew of CCCSI: Cat/Canine Crime Scene Investigators are proud to present the actors/actress in the new story THE SANTA CAPER.

Main Characters
Mrs. Santa - Gemeni
Santa - Tigger
Detective Schlau -Roscoe
Dr. Hinweis - Asta
Easter Bunny -Dragonheart
Tooth Fairy - Momo
Christkind - Victor Tabbycat

The Elves

  1. Bushy Evergreen the inventor of the magic toy making machine - Miles
  2. Shinny Upatree is Father Christmas's (Santa's) oldest friend and cofounder of the secret village in Lapland - Sanjee
  3. Wunorose Openslae designed Father Christmas's sleigh and maintains it for top performance. (It is believed that the reindeer reach speeds faster than Christmas tree lights.) He also cares for the reindeer - China Cat
  4. Pepper Minstix is the guardian of the secret of the location of Father Christmas's village - Percy
  5. Sugarplum Mary is Head of the Sweat Treats, and assistant to Father Christmas's wife, Mrs Claus, also known as Mary Christmas - Bonnie
  6. Alabaster Snowball is very important. He is the Administrator of the Naughty & Nice list - Opus

For more information on the elves visit the following:

Talking Christmas Tree

Momo doggie

The Reindeer (all friendly)

  1. Rudolph - Zoey
  2. Dasher - Willow
  3. Dancer - Adan
  4. Prancer - Sammy
  5. Vixen - Pyewacket
  6. Comet - Tigger The FBI CAT
  7. Cupid - Trixie
  8. Donner - Daisy
  9. Blitzen - Pepi

Note: Santa's reindeer are the only known flying reindeer in existence, believed to be given the power of flight by magic corn given to Kris Kringle by a great wizard. Through this magic corn, the reindeer's strength is increased to three times normal, their stamina in increased to infinity, and their hoofs can use the air as if it were solid ground. This means that the normal reindeer of nine can pull a sleigh full of toys up to 13,500 pounds for an unlimited amount of time.

The script written by Karl at The Cat Relm promises to be a mystery with many turns and questions that need answering. Will the crime be solved, what is the crime, where did it happen, who did it, was an elf involved, perhaps a reindeer, or someone really close to the victim, maybe something didn't happen at all?

I do want to personally thank Karl for the wonderful script for this CCSI episode, magnificent! Also, a thank you to Ruis for helping with the casting and making the necessary decisions that are needed to make this a most thrilling mystery. Thanks to the actor/actress that will be working with me so closely in the next few weeks. And the many others that will be working on graphic design/photography and helping me with the production of The Santa Caper. Without all of your help there would not be a CCSI.


Sassy Kat said...

Hi ya all, here it is the official cast of the new CCSI: Cat/Canine Crime Scene Investigators. This promises to be a truly edge of your seat show!

November 25, 2007 9:17 PM

DK & The Fluffies said...

Dang, I wasn't fast enough. I would have been a great Easter Bunny. I already have the ears! ~Fiona Bun

Anonymous said...

I am ever so excited!

Anonymous said...

Great, wonderful, fantastic, Sassy!!
If you need help with the graphic things let me know.

Karl wrote a terrific script! Everycat will be at the edge of their chair...

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Wowwee, what a cast! I am so thrilled to be in it. A Tooth Fairy. SS will have to brush my teeth extra well for this role. Can't wait to start! Thanks +++ to the producer, director and writer for their hard work to date.

Sassy Kat said...

dk & the fluffies-Things happened fast today at casting, please keep in touch, I'm sure there will be a part for ya in another show.

Gemini-It is exciting isn't it! We have a wonderful group to work with. We had so much fun with the first show I know this is going to be great too.

Ruis-Just need to know how the episodes are going to be broken up. Then it's off to the graphic design/photo studio. Oh, Happy Birthday. And did ya get the message that I am giving ya the day off for your birthday.

Momo-You make me laugh! I am so happy you like your part. Thanks for your thanking me.

Mickey's Musings said...

Well,this promises to be good! Can't wait!!!

Jan Price said...

Hey, Sassy,

Thank you for choosing me to be an elf. You put together a great cast and I'm looking forward to being in this show.

Jan's Funny Farm

Juno said...

Hello Sassy!! I am sorry to stop by so late... Am I too late to get a role? I think I am late. Gee... my little brudder is so adorable but he keeps our pawrents so busy.... I am not good at typing so I need their help. :(

Anyways I am very excited about new episode of CCSI!!


Islay said...

Hi Sassy,
It's nice of you to think of me, and I would gladly have played a part in any of these, but I always seem to miss out because I only have internet access on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays - the rest of the time I'm afraid it's intermittent dial-up at the moment.

licks & slobbers

Asta said...

I just saw that I'm to be Dr. Himweis!
Thank you fow the wole..I want to weseawch it..who is he/she?????an MD? Ow a PHUD??
I am vewy excited and hope to do a pawfet job!
smoochie kisses

The Cat Realm said...

What a cast! They will make this script happen, it will be awesome!!! Thank you Sassy for your great work - I am so excited - I am JUMPING - and I made the maid open a bottle of nicely aged chateaux nip to celebrate our great actors!
Thank you all for auditioning!!!

Anonymous said...

Sassy, I didn't got your message about my day off~?!

I also think you missed mine about about the episodes? I emailed you that hours ago?! Let me know what you got and what not. I'm coming back to you Monday evening/night.


HRH Yao-Lin said...


I would be very happy to be considered for any role you may have available. Of course I will be a santa stand in as needed!

Purrs xx

Tybalt said...

Hey Sassy! Thanks so much for dropping by. Sorry I was AWOL . . . Mommy is LAZY when she takes a vacation. I will be doing my review of CCSI this Friday in place of my usual movie review. =^_^= It looks like you have a real success on your hands!

Mr. Hendrix said...

Wow I can't wait!! I was late signing up for the cast cause mommy and daddy have been so busy. I'm always willing to participate in the future!

I can't wait to read this week's episode. I'm already on the edge of my seat.

Sassy Kat said...

Mickey-Yep, we' got a great show and great cast & crew!

Percy-You will do a supper job in your part.

Momo & Pinot-Darn puter problems. I will check on things maybe ya can be an understudy. I am putting you at the head of the list for the next story line. That will guarantee ya get the part!

Charlie-Sorry ya missed the auditions, it is so hard with puters and the time difference. I am think that you also can be an understudy. One never knows what can happen. I am also putting ya on the waiting list and when the show auditions ya will be the first interviewed. That means the part ya want is yours. Hope this helps a little.

Asta-I think that is so great that you are wanting to research your role. Please check in with our writer, Karl, he will be the one with that information.

Karl-My pleasure, now on to the photos!

Ruis-I will back and check the e-mail. Must have missed it. A lot going on over here. Thanks

hrhyeolin-Casting closed out sooner than I thought, there was an error and all parts are gone. I would like ya to be an understudy. I have checked with the writer and am trying to see if there is a part that we overlooked. I am putting you also on a list for the next show's auditions and ya will have a part in that show for sure. Sorry for the mix up I feel bad about that. It was my fault. Oh my.

Tybalt-Thanks for getting back to me. I understand vacations and the moms need that time off. Thanks for the review time on Friday, I will be looking forward to it.

Daisy said...

This is going to be a fabulous extravaganza! I need to go learn all about Donner so I can play the part realistically.

Victor Tabbycat said...

I'm still trying to imagine Bonnie as Sugar Plum Mary! But she does know her treats. I's so excited!

Sassy Kat said...

Daisy-Bet ya could find information on the net. Do a google search. Ya are such a dedicated actress.

Victor-Stopped over to your place today to assure ya that Bonnie will be perfect for this part.

Jan Price said...

Drat, I left a message and it disappeared.

I wanted to tell you, smart thinking Sassy, assigning understudies and signing up cast for the next production. Seems only fair those who didn't get a part this time have one next time.

If you need any more picture poses, let me know and I'll get Jan racing around the house after me again. That was such fun. We both slept well after last night's session.

Jan's Funny Farm

Juno said...

Hi Sassy how are you?

It would be great if you can put me on the next show even for a small role!!! I would be so happy to be part of your team again! :)

Momo xoxo

Sassy Kat said...

Momo-Ya are in, be sure and thank Karl for rewriting the script so ya could have a part in the show along with Charlie & Yao-lin

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Wow, Talking Christmas Trees. This is getting very intriguing. Twenty five actors and a very talented supporting crew. Watch out, Hollywood!

Sassy Kat said...

Momo-Ya got that right. What a wonderful writer we have. Maybe I shall have to hire Karl full time, what do ya think?

PB 'n J said...

What a great cast Sassy! We can't wait to see the final show.

Juno said...

Sassy!! Really? Really??? I just woke my mom up to check your blog before bed... and this is what we found!! I got a role at the last moment. Did the writer ewrite the script?? I have to visit him...

I'll ask my mom to e-mail you tomorrow...
Thanks for making my evening!

Thank you!!!

Momo xoxo

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

I am so lucky~!!!
Please, anything I can help I will do it :)

The Crew said...

What a great cast. We can't wait for the performance.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

hey! Thanks for considering me!! I will email you some pics tonight! Thanks again! xx

Sassy Kat said...

PB & J-We do have an excieing show, a real cliff hanger.

Momo & Pinot-I am so excited!! We sure are lucky to have such a wonderful writer as Karl.

Adan-I am so happy ya have a part. Be sure to stop Karl place and say hey.

Yao-lin-Welcome to the cast of CCSI II, so glad to have ya on board, thanks to Karl's magic!!!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! I can see MY name!!

Woo hoo hoo!!

Yes thanks, my friends can sometimes call me Pye for short, but I usually get Pyewacket (yelled at me with exclamation marks) at home.


Islay said...

Hi Sassy. Thanks for putting me in - I hope I do a good job with my bit - do I get to bite anyone? I always liked pretending to be a savage wolf! It is a pleasure to play with all of you!

llicks & slobbers

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