Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Writers Wanted, Again


With the success of CCSI: Cat/Canine Crime Scene Investigators and the support of our viewers wanting to have continued shows I am calling on the all writers or non writers out there to lend a hand. I am looking for a story line with a holiday theme for our next show.

  1. Please mail your story to my e-mail address.
  2. The first holiday story received by me will be the next show to air. I will post the name of the writer or writers along with the title of the show.
  3. The deadline is December 4 noon est.
  4. If you need help with the photos for the show we will be able to help you in this area.

Remember that The Kidnapped Kitty Caper was the preimere show and we went over the top with photos, costumes, etc. so your story can be a little more simple if you wish to or you can shoot for the moon. It will be your story so you can do with it what you want.

The main thing is to have fun with this so let the writing begin!


Anonymous said...

My stories seem to be so complicated, but I think I will work on the human to simplify and try and come up with something. But first I think I'll nap.

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Charlie and I are both having problems with posting comments on blogs. Two of your comments appeared simultaneously although they were posted hours apart. Momo-dog says that she has no problems.

Yes, the bed is very comfy. SS's mother says it is a waste because I am an outdoor cat and that beautiful bed would get dirty very quickly if left outside. You sure deserve a soft warm bed after all the hard work. Go on, splash out for Christmas.

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

I got the last comment alright. Oh yes, I have a porch to lie around and all my things are under cover. The bed just looks very delicate and may not survive my dirty habits of dragging soil and leaves all over. Every night SS combs me through and shakes out my bedding when she comes home from the uni.

Islay said...

Hi Sassy - great job everyone on the CCSI - very entertaining! I had to catch up on it because I could not get online until today due to some computer problems. Sassy, you sure have been a busy cat! Pardon an old dog for not being able to keep up with you young animals! I can't wait to see the next CCSI!

licks & slobbers

LZ said...

We're going to work on one too, we just need to get through the holidays. It will be a lot of fun to work on!


The Cat Realm said...

I just emailed you a script!!!!
It's a holiday mystery....
7 main, 7 - 15 supporting roles.
This is soooo exciting!

Cat Naps in Italy said...

We had so much fun on the last show. Now we are hope to work a little in front of the cameras. If anyone needs a couple of cats to act in their show, we would be happy to help!

Opus and Roscoe


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