Sunday, January 13, 2008


Sassy with the official cheering squad.

This wonderful world of blogging has opened so many doors for me and allowed me to meet many wonderful new and kind friends. Since my trip into space and the success of CCSI I have had another opportunity of an adventure that would not take me too far away from home.

Sassy with some fans at a tailgate party before the game.

Sassy with the squad during pregame festivities.

To my surprise after I came back from my trip into space and got home from Miss Peach's birthday party at Karl's I had a message waiting for me on my answering machine. It seems that someone on the cheering squad for the Indianapolis Colts football team got the flu bug and would be unable make it to today's game; I was asked if I would be interested in filling in. All that stands between the Colts playing in the Super Bowl game for 2008 is the game today and one more after that. It is important that the cheering squad be at their best to cheer the team on to a win.

Sassy leading a cheer.

The cheering squad put in long hours of practice for today's game and without a sub it would be difficult for them to perform their routines; formations would not be right. I could not let the squad, team, or fans down so, of course, I said I would be more than happy to help them out. I must say that it has been a blast. Much to my happiness I am now considered their first sub choice to call when the need arises.

If you would like please take a Colt's logo and display it on your blog in support of the team.

We cannot see how the team is doing as it is hard from where we are standing to see the scoreboard and we cannot not hear over the yelling of the fans what is being announced . . .

. . . after a lot of two teams chasing who ever had the ball, knocking them down, then having the same thing happen back at them once the other team got the ball back, by the way I don't know who owned the ball first, having fans screaming almost the whole time the end was not what the Hoosier team wanted. I am sad to say that the Colts lost 24 -28. Everybody left saying it was a good game anyway??? Don't understand the humans too much. Anyway the Colt's team is done with football this year, I do want to say nice game to both teams; good sportsmanship by all; nothing like you see in the hockey stuff.

Hey does anyone know who owned the football? If we knew that answer maybe the teams wouldn't have had to spend all day fighting to get it back.


Cat Naps in Italy said...

Oh Sassy! You go girl! You make for a wonderful cheerleader! And you are well, SASSY! It is nice to know that we have someone like you cheering for us on the sidelines!


Opus and Roscoe

Gus and Louie said...

Sassy that is just great. Sorry but we are Packer fan's perhaps we will meet you in the SuperBowl? Mom and Dad watched Brett yesterday it was a great game with all the snow in Green Bay. We are hoping that the cowgirls loose today so we can watch the Pack play the Giants in Green Bay... Good luck today....

Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

Daisy said...

Rah! Rah! Rah! Sassy, you make a fantastic cheerleader! I am very impressed.

Maya and Kena said...

You make a great cheerleader!!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

The Cat Realm said...

Sassy - we are speechless! What an awesome cheerleader you are - so many talents - we had no idea!
You rock, girl!!!!
Karl, Emil and Mrs.OZ

Jan said...

Wow, Sassy, you lead such an interesting life. We love the photos of you posing with the team. What an opportunity!

We don't know anything about the Colts, but we're rooting for you. We know you'll be a great sub cheerleader.

jans funny farm

Jan said...

Hey, Sassy, thanks for the explanation. We will be rooting for you and your team. And we're sure you are glad your Italian friends Opus & Roscoe are playing on the team for today. This should be really exciting!

jans funny farm

MoMo said...

I knew it, I knew it! We are not BFFF for nothing. First I volunteered for and got accepted as the National Feline League Cheer squad leader and then you got into the Colts team. I am a generic cheerleader for all kitty teams, so let's go, go, go!!!!!!!!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

You make one heck of a cheerleader!

Jan said...

Oh, sorry the Colts lost. You did your part.

jans funny farm

Cat Naps in Italy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sassy Kat said...

Opus & Roscoe-See ya at the game!

Gus & Louie-Oh, I do hope that we win. I do know that the mom of the house grew up rooting for Green Bay, they are a good team too.


Maya-Kena-Thanks, I am havin fun with this cheerin stuff.

Karl-I do not believe for one minute that ya are speechless, ya always have somethin to say.

Jan-Yes, there is always somethin goin on over here, glad I could help ya with the information on the team. I appreciate ya rooting for them but it wasn't enough, we didn't make it.

Momo-Ya got that right! We are BFFF for nothin!

Cheysult & Gemini-Thanks, glad ya stopped by, be sure to keep in touch.

January 13, 2008 8:00 PM

Derby said...

Sassy you did such a good job with the cheers. Too bad the team wasn't able to pull it out. Bummer. But my Packers won!

Chancy & Ernie's Voice said...

GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the Colt's logo


Charlotte said...

Too bad about the Colts. They really should have done better with you cheering them on. I don't know much about NFL but I am impressed with all your doings - first in space and then in the cheer squad.

Sassy Kat said...

Derby-Thanks, they didn't play too good today, bad breaks. I do like Green Bay and I will root for those guys. The mom of the house if an old fan of Green Bay.

Chance & Ernie-Thanks for stoppin by hope ya come back so I can get to know ya. I am glad that you liked the Colts logo.

Charlotte-Thanks, I sure tried to cheer them on to a win, just didn't work out.

MoMo said...

Hey Sassy, you crack me up with that bit on the ownership of the football. Stoopid humans! It is just so simple a solution and what do they do, chase that ridiculous ball around!

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Sassy maybe I can be a cheerleaderfor the Patriots!!!!??? They will win the Superbowl don't you know!!?

Jan said...

There you go, Sassy. Find out who owns the ball, give it to them, and the scramble for possession would be over.

jans funny farm

Cynthia Rae said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cat Naps in Italy said...

Maybe you can come over and give us cheer. Roscoe is really taking the loss hard. He feels like he let the team down. I told him not to take it personaly, but Roscoe says it IS personal.

Thanks for all your hardwork on the sidelines Sassy. Better luck to the team next year!

I SAID I don't want to talk about!


MoMo said...

Hey Sassy, Derby has asked me to barrack for the Green Bay Packers. I have dooned the cheer squad uniform and have started practising. Please come over and have a look in your free moment.

Any advice or hints? Would welcome any suggestions on chants, slogans or routine. After all you are at the cutting edge of cheerleading techniques.

Eric and Flynn said...

We don't know anything about NFL, but we do know you make a great cheerleader.


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