Thursday, January 24, 2008

Karl's NOMSS Dare

I have taken the NOMSS (not of your own species) challenge from Karl.

  • The rules of this challenge are to find someone who is not of your own species and make friends. Introduce yourself and tell them why you chose them (color of their fur, feathers, scales, skin, layout and/or content of their Blog, their name, whatever it was that grabbed your attention).

  • Ask if they want to be your NOMSS friend and post about them on your Blog. Put the link to that post to their blog.

  • There are buttons designed so that you can put your new friend’s picture in it and is meant to be put in your sidebar with a permanent link to their blog. You can go here to copy your button.

    1. Now that you know the rules of the challenge I have asked Asta to be my NOMSS. I am happy to say that Asta has agreed and was just as excited as I was about this.

      Asta was one of the first doggies I met when I first started blogging. I visit her blog almost daily and always leave with a smile on my face. Asta has such an upbeat personality that shines through the words that I read on her blog. Her adventures are always entertaining, interesting, and sometimes educational, and eye opening. She always includes all of her friends when she has parties and thinks of just about everything when hosting. If you are at one of her get-to-gethers you will not lack for anything. I also enjoy her accent, it adds a sweetness to a wonderful, lovable, and gentle doggie. I also have worked with Asta on two of the CCSI shows and found her to go above and beyond when the need arises. She is always willing to help out in other areas of the production if the need is there.

      I am so fortunate to have Asta as my NOMSS and treasure the time that we share together. She and I have talked about becoming my NOMSS and the both of us have decided to take it one step further. We are renaming our NOMSS to mean not of my species sibling. This is so exciting to me as I have always wanted to have a sissy now I will have two. Asta has an adopted sister Momo and that will mean that Momo will be my sissy too.

      Now here is where I put the spin on the NOMSS, as most of you know I always like to shake things up a little. Well, when I was a little kitty I always hoped that I would have sisters and brothers to play with; the house I live in has just little me. With the chance of expanding my family I jumped at the opportunity and imagined what it would be like to all be together as wee ones heading to the same family.

      Momo is one of the first kitties that I met when I first started blogging back in the fall. I consider Momo my BFFF, best female furry friend, and now we will be in the same family.

      Momo has given me many hours of a shoulder to lean on and help me work through some things that I needed help with. One of the first outings I took was on a picnic hosted by Momo and since then we have shared many adventures together. How wonderful that these two beautiful, fascinating, and kind furries will become part of my family. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to expand my family with two of my wonderful friends.

      Guess what? There is a twist to the twist and that is I have two more additional siblings. You see Momo kitty has another sister, Momo doggie, and brother, Pinot. Since Momo kitty is my sissy now that means that Momo and Pinot will be my sissy and little bro. I visit often with Momo and Pinot seeing what they are up to over in Canada.

      My new sissy and little bro go on many trips with their mom and dad of the house and take a lot of walks outside when it is not too cold. I was at their place when baby Pinot came to live with the family. I especially like the videos the mom and dad have on their blog showing little P running around the house while his big sissy watches closely over him making sure he doesn't get into too much trouble. What a wonderful new family I now have. How much fun we will all have together.

      My sisters and brother.
      Photo by Asta

      I would like to at this time challenge the first five, honor system, that have read this post to find a NOMSS and do a post. If you need more information about this see Karl and all of the information you need will be posted there.

      Girls' time.
      Photo by Asta

      Have fun with it; I sure did!


      Anonymous said...

      Sassy, congratulations with your NOMSS friend Asta!! And your name would not Sassy if you weren't shaking up things... hahaha... but that's why we all love you so much! :)

      CONGRATULATIONS with you new family, girl!!

      MoMo said...

      Ah, Ruis beat me to it! I want to be first to come to your blog and celebrate with you. We are on big family now, how wonderful!

      Jan said...

      Sassy, You never fail to make us laugh. "Momo and Pinto will be my sissy and little bro." We're glad to see we're not the only ones who make funny typos. Yesterday we ID'd Norman as "Normal." (We changed it.)

      We are so happy for all of you becoming a family. That's just great. We did notice you were quite a hefty baby, bigger than Asta even. We're so glad you slimmed down as you grew to adult cathood or you wouldn't have survived Cheerleading Academy.

      Ah, the NOMS. Karl recently challenged us too and we took him up on it. Unfortunately, after asking one, would you like to be our NOMS friend, we lost the blog address. Found it today, though! So we'll announce that on JFF in due time. We're kind of excited about it, but we think our new friend is kind of overwhelmed by the whole lot of us. We don't bite, though.

      You all have a glass of wine and enjoy the celebration! Hugs all around for the new siblings from JFF.

      jans funny farm

      Cheysuli and gemini said...

      Wow! So you are basically a NOMSS FAMILY!

      Jan said...

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, Percy had a great time at the CA.

      But, Sassy, yes, you did have a typo. You didn't catch it when I copied and pasted it in to the last comment?

      It wasn't sissy or bro.

      "Momo and Pinto will be my sissy and little bro."

      Catch it? Momo's little brother is not named Pinto. :)

      jans funny farm

      Momo & Pinot said...

      Sassy, our new sissy!!!
      We are VERY happy to have more sissies!! Asta and you have been so good to us and now we're all family. Life is good! :)

      Momo & Pinot

      Sassy Kat said...

      Ruis-Thanks, and yes I do like to spin things.

      Momo-Ruis is a fast kitty. I am so glad that you stopped over, what a great sissy I have.

      Jan-Thanks for lettin me know about my typo, I have xifde it, ha, ha, ha. I mean fixed it, ha. Darn paws are sometimes too big.

      Cheysuli & Gemini-Yes we are, and what a family.

      Momo & Point-Thanks, and I also like having more family. Makes life fun!

      DEBRA said...


      Concats on your new NOMSS friend! Also concats on efurryone in your extended family...dat is really grate.


      Jan said...

      Happy to help, Sassy. Hope you'll let us know if you see any strange spellings in our posts.

      Actually, Pinot would make a lovely pinto. You know those beautifully marked horses? Pinot is handsomely marked too.

      Will stop by Karl's and check out the contest. And post the link. Thanks.

      jans funny farm

      Daisy said...

      Congratulations on your new family members!

      Sassy Kat said...

      Debra-Yes it is pretty neat.

      Jan-I will if I find any typos let you know. Sometimes they just go by me.

      Daisy-Thanks, it is fun havin sissies and a bro.

      Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

      Meow Sassy Kat! I would LOVE for you to join us in Jamaica!!! It sure is nice to meet you!!!

      Meows, Tia

      Maya and Kena said...

      Congrats with your NOMSS friend Asta and your new family!!!
      Have a great day!
      Wags and licks,
      Maya and Kena

      Jan said...

      Yes, really love those photos. Especially the stork ones. You are all so cute.

      jans funny farm

      Samantha & Tigger said...

      Congratulations on your New Family Sassy, you are a wonderful Cat and a fun person to know! You have some Amazing adventures and the CCSI is the greatest.You always make us smile when we visit you and sometimes Mom can't stop laughing at your adventures. Asta is a wonderful NOMSS
      Your FL furiends,


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