Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Need A Little Help?

Sassy's Clues:

  1. Sassy waiting for Momo by the engineering fountain outside the engineering building. Also information in the post mentioned the success of those in the program. 1/3/08
  2. In my comment to Tybalt I said "making the challenge
    hard". 1/3/08 - The Challenger was one of the first shuttles. Unfortunately, the Challenger was lost on its launch loosing all of the crew on board.
  3. In my comment to Karl I said ". . . glad to know you are taking the challenge." 1/3/08
  4. Title of post Hook UP. l/4/08 - Shuttles go up and hook up with the space station.
  5. In the Hook Up post another photo of Sassy and Momo by the fountain outside of the engineering building. On Sassy's luggage is a small logo of Purdue University - 1/4/08. If you click on the photo it will give you the name of the university; Purdue University known for its engineering and aeronautical department. Also in text information clues were given about the university and alumni.
  6. Comments now being left have a photo of Momo and Sassy. In the photo you can see a star over our heads and other stars in the photo. 1/4/08
  7. On Momo's post we left several clues: ". . .we should attend classes and the sky is the limit . . . I cannot tell you how excited I am! I have been counting down the days. . . I do like the idea of one step at a time." 1/4/08 - One step at a time is in reference to what Neil Armstrong, astronaut, said when he stepped onto the lunar surface.
  8. In the post Books, Books, and more Books I mentioned that I think I will be one tired Katty when I finish up here. 1/5/08 - This is a play on pouncing Gene Keaty's name, the well known basketball coach for many years at Purdue.
  9. Post titled Ride To The Infirmary and also the photo in the hospital room was of Sally Ride. Also mentioned in the post was ". . . is that we were given a ride to the hospital . . . we were ill to our tummies from one of our hands on groups. . ." 1/6/08 - Sally Ride is a big clue for all. Sally Ride was one of the earlier female astronauts in the space shuttle program.
  10. In a comment I made at Momo's to her I said that "we are AWOL and are needed asap, when we get back to class everything will be A OK." 1/6/08 - A OK was always used by the astronauts when they were signaling to their crew that all is well.
  11. At Momo's blog 1/06 post I left a comment saying ". . . last of the schooling in Indiana . . . off to Florida . . ." 1/07/08 - Purdue is located in Indiana and the shuttles are launched from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral located in Florida.
  12. Post titled Star Light-Star Bright and the poem". . .star light, star bright. . . " 1/7/08 - Reference to the stars and space.
  13. Post titled The Green Machine . . ." complete studies at renowned university in Indiana and are ready to jump on board for the next small step in our journey . . . heading to Florida." 1/7/08
  14. Post titled The Green Machine photo has logo of Purdue on trash can. 1/8/08
  15. Post titled The Green Machine photo has name of Purdue University on simulator. 1/8/08 - Purdue was one of the first universities that specialized in aerospace engineering, and later, astronautical engineering. This resulted in the creation of a top-ranked School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Purdue's Aeronautical and Astronautical engineering program is one of the most elite of it's type in America.
  16. Post titled The Green Machine picture has photo of astronaut, Neil Armstrong, hanging on the wall of room - 1/8/08 Purdue University, along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have had more alumni chosen for space flights than any other non-military institutions in America. Purdue engineering alumni have flown on approximately 37% of all U.S. manned space flights as well as served on 39 flights of the space shuttle. 2 of the 6 Americans who have flown on board the Russian Space Station were Purdue engineers. Purdue's engineering program has also educated 22 of America's astronauts from its School of Aeronautics and Astronautics' engineering program, including Neil Armstrong.

  17. Post mentions another reference to "a ride to the hospital . . . " and mentions "heading to Florida were our team is waiting for us." 1/8/08

  18. On each of my postings I mentioned that on the 10th you would find out what we were up to. Again, reference to the countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Lift off!

  19. My posted times started at Ten and going down as it does in the countdown. 1/8/08. Would like to know if any of you picked up on that????

Momo's Clues:

  1. Mention of mission, that I am going to Indiana, . . . top college. In Momo's reply comment to Capt Jack and Dante about . . . planet . . . and . . . one step . . . 1/4/08 - quoted by Neil Armstrong many years ago on moon landing ("a small step for a man and a giant leap for human kin").
  2. The mention of physics lab and high tech. 1/6/08

We have had many good CCSI detectives on this case and some good guesses have been submitted. The clues took you in many directions but putting them all together would lead you to the right guess. I hope you all had fun with this. Maybe you will want to re look at this little mystery and see how many of the clues you found. Momo would like you to stop by her place to see what other clues you might find hidden there.

Tomorrow, the tenth, our mission and the next day the winner will be announced.


Pixel said...

ok so you are in astronaut school. so you can go to space and be the first cats in space to make the space walk!

Jan said...

We're gonna miss ya, Sassy, and Momo too, if you take off into space.

jans funny farm

Victor Tabbycat said...

Are you two goin on the space shuttle? Can you tell us the guesses already that was wrong?

Mom thot one of the Cal Tech schools was tops in space stuff, but she growed up in CA so is "biased" whatefur that means.

Momo & Pinot said...

Hello and congrats on the awards, Sassy!!!

So sorry for being very very quiet lately. Our pc is still suffering and we're missing so many great posts including yours!! Today we asked my mom to check out your blog from her pc@work coz we simply couldn't wait!!

OMD... you and our sissy are in astronut school in Indiana. OM we had no clue!!

Momo & Pinot

Sassy Cat said...

Pixel-Yep, so much more easier when the clues are right there.

Jan-We will be on a short mission and back in time for Miss Peach's party on the 10th.

Victor-Yep, and yes I will have a post on all of the guesses soon.

Karl & Ruis said...

We love you in the space suit!!! You will board the shuttle, fly to the moon, do a lunar walk AND be back in time for the tea party...???
Maybe you need a couple of clones tomorrow, hahahahahahahahaha! You might just be in two places at the same time....

Cat Naps in Italy said...

Ohhhhhh! OOOOOOOOH (paw in the air)! we know! We know! But the human says we can't say since we knew before hand!

Can't wait to the photos of your adventure!

Opus and Roscoe
Thank you so much for our award!

Sassy Cat said...

Momo & Pinot-Sure miss hearin from ya, hope the momo is feeling better soon. This is some virus that get the moms, takes a long time for it to go away.

Karl & Ruis-Ha, ha, ha, too funny!!!! Ya have all of the clues and still have it WRONG,ha, ha, ha, ya crack me up.

Opus & Roscoe-I am thrilled that ya are back!!!!!!! Thanks for takin the photos of us on our mission. It was great having ya along, couldn't tell anycat/doggie that ya were with us. Sorry ya got sick with the monster machine.

MoMo said...

Wow, even I missed some of the clues and I am supposed to be in the know!

China Cat said...

Uh oh, I'm still confused, even with all the clues! But I just hope you will have fun and be safe!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat

Asta said...

I think I akshually got it wight way back on the 5th of was a twemendously fun game and I know evewyone loved following youw clues!
I hope you have a gweat flight! and no sickness
smoochie kisses

Daisy said...

Sassy, you made a fun guessing game! I did get your e-mail and sent you an answer. I hope you get it!

Eric and Flynn said...

This has been great fun Sassy. We have enjoyed using our brain cells and looking out furr clues.

Sassy Cat said...

Momo-I know I missed some of the clues and I left them, ha, ha, ha.

China Cat-Come back tomorrow and you will see, photo will be up of our mission.

Asta-Tomorrow ya will know for sure. Then it is off to the party at Karl's.

Daisy-Got it and thanks so much, you are welcome and I am so glad that ya had fun. There are still surprises.

Eric & Flynn-I am so glad that ya had fun with this. Ya sure guessed the first, will have to see if ya are right or wrong.

MoMo said...

Hey, Sassy, I have changed into my space suit too! Now it might get a bit confusing for the other kitties since we look practically the same unless they look hard at the face behind the helmet

Jan said...

Sassy, You look cute in your space suir.

We stopped by to let you know Samaritan came out of shock and posted about your award. We all thank you for thinking of us.

jans funny farm

Cheysuli and gemini said...

HE HE! We were close, but I suspect no cigar. Are you flying it or building it?!

Sassy Cat said...

Jan-Thanks, will be over to check it out. I am so glad he is happy with it, oh I said that before but I really am.

Cheysuli & Gemini-Ya will have to wait until tomorrow, ha, ha, ha. And nope no cigars, besides they are bad for you.

Jan said...

Hey, Sassy, It's okay to tell Jan how I got the phone - if you ever figure it out. :)

We just had to correct the post. We - meaning Samaritan (or Sam, as you called him) - called Stormy a he. She's isn't a he, she's a she.

jans funny farm

The Meezers said...

so, you're builiding your own space shuttle to take you to the moon? awsome! hee hee

Anonymous said...

I am not even one week away or 2 cats are walking in a space suit and 2 others in parkas at Antarctica! Hahahaha.


ps - this is our first comment since last week, I'll do some more tomorrow, but wait a little longer with posting on our blog.

Sassy Cat said...

Jan-Thanks for correcting me on Samaritan's name and sex type. I cannot keep up with ya all over there. Why don't ya put pink on the girls and blus ribbons on the boys. If I figure the phone thingie out I will let ya know.

Meezers-I will put that down for your guess, tomorrow ya will find out.

Marlene-OH, my I am so glad that ya stopped by, oh my, oh my I am so honored. I am glad to hear that ya are getting along. Yep that is what ya get when ya take your eyes off of us, we get into all kinds of things.

Jan said...

Sassy, Oh, no, you misunderstood. Samaritan is Samaritan (or Sam, if you want).

Samaritan corrected STORMY's sex. We didn't correct Samaritan's. Samaritan is a boy. Always has been. Always plans to be.

Stormy isn't one of us. Samaritan passed on the award you gave him to her. She is Supreme Commander of the Ao4 Troopers from Army of Four Digest. He - sorry, SHE is in charge of the Operation Bring Beau Home.

If you are still confused, take a deep breath and repeat after us, Samaritan is a boy. That's why you put the fire hydrant next to him at the pool party.

jans funny farm


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