Saturday, January 12, 2008

Missing Times Two

I visited Jan's Funny Farm several days ago and she has a post about Haggis. It was such a sad story and I told Jan that I would do a post in the hopes that it might help Haggis and his family to reunite. After you read this if you would like to do a post about Haggis that would be so nice of you and feel free to take a wanted poster and display it on your blog.

Haggis's humans were involved in an accident on November 21, 2007 while on their way to Thanksgiving dinner with family;you can read the details on . Haggis and Attila escaped from the car after theirs was rear-ended, rolled and hit a guardrail. Attila was hit by a car and killed. The humans were not allowed to search for Haggis. They were forced to go to the hospital, even though they were not injured.Haggis has been sighted a number of times since then, but he is still lost. You don't have to live in Maryland to help hunt for Haggis. That's a wonder of the Internet. But the more posts about him, the sooner he might be reunited with his humans.

Even if you don't live near where Haggis went missing with the large world of the internet and all of the many bloggers someone might see this and it might aid in getting Haggis home where he belongs. Please help Haggis find his way back home.

Photo by Karl

Another little one is missing; found this information when I visited Karl's place. Please help bring Mao, Skeezix big brother, home safely! Read about his disappearance here.

You are invited to take this picture and display it on your blog so Mao gets home safe.


Jan said...

Thanks for the poster, Sassy. We got it posted and then did Mao's. We sure hope Mao is home soon. And Haggis.

jans funny farm

Asta said...

Thanks fow the postews..I will put them up on bloggie too..I hate all these poow kids sepawated fwom theiw
families scawed and lonely out thewe let's find them!

smoochie kisses

Maya and Kena said...

We put both posters up on our bloggie!!
We hope they return home soon!!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Orable & Charlie said...

Hi Sassy, and congratulations on your Nasa cat certificate! How very sad that so many animals have gone missing; I do hope that they find their loving families again soon.

I have an award for you, so please stop by!

licks & slobbers

Jan said...

We love your new outfit! You look cute as a saucy cheerleader.

We got your NASA participation award posted. Whew, think we're almost caught up.

jans funny farm

Sassy Kat said...

Jan-Ya are certainly welcome, in anyway that I can help to get a little one back home I will give it the ole try.

Asta-Ya are also welcome, hope this helps get Haggis back home. I bet his family is so sad not to have him with them.

Maya & Kena-Thanks, I appreciate it so much, maybe we can make a difference and get some of these missing ones home. Glad ya liked my outfit, I am getting ready for the game tomorrow.

Charlie-I am so glad to hear from ya. I worry when I don't get to hear from ya, so glad that ya stopped by.

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

We are purring and praying for everyone to make it home safely.


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