Thursday, December 6, 2007

CCSI Graphic Design/Photographers II

Now it is time to meet the rest of the crew in our Graphic Design/Photography Department. These cats have gone the extra mile in their work to assure all that the production of the CCSI show about to air will be a top-notch thriller that you will not soon forget. CCSI: The Santa Caper is airing December 14 at 8:00 pm est with shows running all day. Be sure to visit the other cast and crew's blogs for up-to-date information regarding CCSI. Now may I present to you the rest of our graphic/design crew.

An Autobiography - RUIS

Directing is in my blood I think. As soon as I was grown up I wanted to play a boss..., but it was not so simple, they wanted a friendly boss, not a bossy boss. Luckily I learned these specific skills when I got older. And now, with so many cats in the house one needs to improvise and directing all for getting a harmonious family. And then the photo editing... I was not interested in it at all. But then I became the first reporter of our weblog. I got lots of help from Marlene (one of our staff), who's was doing it for many years and her graphics are all over the Internet. Now I am doing most of it myself, only with the really detail things she helps me.

An Autobiography - DAISY

I have always been at home as a model in front of the camera. But we all know that a top model’s career can be very short, so I decided I should learn how to become a photographer, too. So, if I gain weight and cannot be a model any longer, I will still have a fun career!

Once I started my photography career, I found out it is very hard to work the camera because I have tiny paws, and cameras are complicated! And I do not really like reading instruction manuals. So I learned a lot by watching America’s Next Top Model on television. Because Tyra was a model, and now she is a photographer, too! The most important thing is to be creative and have fun. I especially like taking pictures of lizards.

My special trick is to take many, many, many photographs and then hope that one of them turns out good. I usually get lucky! The CCSI project has been my very favorite so far. The cast and crew are so professional and fun to work with. I was very fortunate to get to be a part of this exciting project. I cannot wait for the premiere!

An Autobiography - MAGGY & ZOEY

With us being slammed, shooting still photos for the CCSI II cast and crew, the last few days... we haven't time for emails and was just kind of ignoring them all "until later"... now our autobiography is needed...not enough time...

Maggy is 4 years old and I, Zoey, am 1 1/2 years old; we are both Himalayans cats... Maggy is the "queenly" one and Zoey is our "court jester" so to speak. Zoey's zest for life allows the subjects we photograph to have those smiles on their faces as they watch her work her magic... I am left to make sure that the lighting is right and paying attention to all the other things that are needed for that perfect shot.

We are getting acquainted with graphic/design and work together as a team. Maggy, as usual, likes to "rest on her laurels" so to speak... she is pondering the situation, so she says, then will work out her ideas on the computer. She's the elder statesman (woman) in the family being the oldest of the two of us. Maggy is rather laid back in personality... very elegant and queenly in her manner...this side of her is shown through the high quality of work she creates. I, on the other hand, have a totally opposite personality...always into everything, always flying all over the house...I guess I am thought of as a little comedian. I do not plan to pursue the comedian aspect of my personality but continue with my photography. My outlook on life allows me to get only the best of shots with the most private of cats/dogs. They seem to open up to me and this allows me to get those one of a kind shots. We are a team and work on all assignments together assuring that what we do will produce the most perfect of photos. Working together assures that when we shoot a photo or do design work on the computer that we capture our subjects in their best possible moment.


Sassy Kat said...

Now ya have met all of the crew and actors. We have such a large staff so if I overlooked anycat/dog it was an error on my part so please let me know about it. I don't want to miss anycat/dog as all who are invloved with CCSI deserve the recognization of the hard work that went into and still is goin on in this production.
The staff was featured in no particular order of ranking of their greatness. On this set all e are great and fantastic to work with. This show will be a long time talked about for excellence. That is all due to my talented crew and cast. Thanks all!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Most of us are familiar with these talented kitties but there are always something new to learn from autobiographies. Many thanks to these quiet, unassuming, hard-working individuals without whom no shows could ever be produced.

Islay said...

Such talent and what a great job everyone is doing, that I'm screening a special film on my blog to express my appreciation, in anticipation of the Santa Caper - check it out!

licks & slobbers

Zoolatry said...

We thanks you very much for the complimentary bio you wrote about us, specially since the ZoolatryHuman seemed to have no time to extol our many virtues.
We are proud paws up members of the CCSI troop!

Sassy Kat said...

Momo-I believe that no matter how much ya know somecat/dog that ya can always learn more about that furry friend.

Charlie-I am so glad that all are gettin interested in CCSI. This is goin bigger than I ever thought it would. I'll be right over to check things out.

Maggy & Zoey-I didn't write your autobiography for ya otherwide it would be a biography, I think, as they say in the business I tweeked it a little, ha, ha, ha.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Wow there are so many photographers out there. It is really amazing.

Jan Price said...

Wow! We are getting more and more excited as the premier draws closer. Percy has such wonderful tales to tell of all the great talent on the CCSI set and the terrific talent behind the scenes. We have really enjoyed reading about them since we haven't met all of them yet.

Keep up the good work.

Jan's Funny Farm residents

Daisy said...

I can hardly wait for the big premiere!

Tybalt said...

Wonderful job, kitties! It's great learning more about you.

Sassy Kat said...

Cheysuli & Gemini- Ya bet a good crew all the way around.

Jan-Percy has been a delight to work with. I hope we can work together on another show.

Daisy-Getting closer by the minute!

Tybalt-I'm glad ya are getting to know my crew better. This kind of ties us all together.

Jan Price said...

Sassy, Stop by when you have a moment. We have a surprise for all the nice folks working on CCSI. We thought of sending them all with Percy when he reports for rehearsal tomorrow, but we don't think he could carry them all at one time.

Jan's Funny Farm

Leslie said...

Oh Sassy! Oh dear - this is Trixie! Why did mom just go get something OUT of my Christmas stocking and measure it with the tape measure?

Why did she just spend half an hour on ebay looking up cat collars and shaking her head and sighing?

Oh dear, I just heard her say out loud that all the cat collars with elastic are 12 inch and I am now TOO BIG for them!

My name tag is sitting in a pin dish on the bedside table cause my collar just popped off me last week. It just went POP!

I don't look too big - but all the extra weight has gone to my neck and my tum. It is because I turned four. Mom says cats often get a bit "settled" (turn fatter) when they grow up to be big girl cats aged four.

Mom will have to drive down to the mall now. ERK! She hates that. And I will end up with a woofie collar or a grizzly bear collar, cause I'm a bit oversized.

Snot fair. She has to cut an inch off Pye's collars as they are too big.

I work out - I play thundering herds of elephants once a day for two minutes if I wake up in time.

Anonymous said...

Daisy watching "America's Next Top Model", why I am not surprised... hahaha. This curly girl has so many talents!!

Well, and we all know the work of Maggy and Zoey!!But I love to read more about them!

Thank you, Sassy, for doing this production so professional. Without you there would be no CCSI!!

Jan Price said...

PS - Sassy, we just noticed you're stopping by MAP instead of JFF. We wanted you to stop by the Funny Farm. It's the story under the missing Percy report.

Jan's Funny Farm residents


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