Thursday, December 13, 2007

Red Carpet

Graphic design by Opus & Roscoe

As we all gather here tonight for the premiere showing of CCSI II: The Santa Caper there are so many thoughts whirling around in my head. It is so hard to put into words the thanks I have for all who has worked so hard in front of and behind the scenes to make this evening possible. A special thanks for all of the countless hours spent working overtime in the Graphic Design Studio by Ruis, Karl, Opus and Roscoe. Without their devotion to the show and the viewers none of us would be standing here tonight. A million thanks to all.

All today I have been having a song from the musical "Gypsy" going through my head. Perhaps you are familiar with this wonderful song whose music was written by Jule Styne and the lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. This song pretty much says how I feel about what tonight is about and I want to share these words with my cast, crew, and the viewers:

"You'll be swell! You'll be great! Gonna have the whole world on the plate! Starting here, starting now, honey, every thing's coming up roses! . . .

l-r: Opus, Roscoe, Sassy, Mrs. Oz, Monte, Karl, & Ruis

. . . Clear the decks! Clear the tracks!You've got nothing to do but relax. Blow a kiss. Take a bow. Honey, every thing's coming up roses! . . .

l-r: Asta, Momo, Tigger, Gemini, Dragohneart, & Victor Tabbycat

. . . Curtain up! Light the lights! You got nothing to hit but the heights! You'll be swell. You'll be great. I can tell. Just you wait . . .

front l-r: Bonnie, & China Cat
back l-r: Tybalt, Samatha, Percy, Sanjee, & Miles

. . . Curtain up! Light the lights! We got nothing to hit but the heights! I can tell, wait and see. There's the bell! Follow me! And nothings gonna stop us 'til we're through . . .

standing l-r: Daisy, Pepi, & Adan in limo l-r: Sammy, & Willow

. . . Honey, every thing's coming up roses and daffodils! Every thing's coming up sunshine and Santa Claus!Every thing's gonna be bright lights and lollipops . . .

standing: Zoey
in limo l-r: Trixie, Pyewacket, & Tigger The FBI Cat

. . . Honey, every thing's coming up roses and daffodils! Every thing's coming up sunshine and Santa Claus!

l-r: Yao Lin, Maggy, Momo, & Charlie
front: Pinot

. . . Every thing's gonna be bright lights and lollipops! Every thing's coming up roses for me and for you!"

Red Carpet photos exclusively by Ruis
Clothes designed and worn by Asta - Asta
Clothes designed and worn by Mrs. Oz - Mrs. Oz
Clothes worn by Adan, Daisy, Miles, & Monte designed by - Karl


Sassy Kat said...

Oh my, it's here we are finally on The Red Carpet. What an exciting, thank you to my cast and crew!!

Cat Naps in Italy said...

Oh Sassy,
You look just smashing in that dress! Yellow really is your color! We can't believe that the big day is almost here! It will be so much fun for everyone to see what we have all been working on.

Thanks to Karl for a wonderful script! To Ruis for his direction and great red carpet photos and to you Sassy, for thinking this whole "animals write for Hollywood" idea.

Tonight will be a night to remember!

Opus and Roscoe

Christine and FAZ said...

I'm going to watch the whole thing on telly - how cool! FAZ

Jan Price said...

What wonderful photos of the cast and crew. You all look great.

Is anyone else getting nervous?

Oh, by the way, some of you have gotten lost on your way to my place and accidentally detoured to Jan's. So I presumed to add directions at the top of her journal, Just click on the link and presto! you can visit the journal of Jan's Funny Farm furry friends. (Jan has passed on your messages, though.)

Jan's Funny Farm

Asta said...

What Glamouw
This is amazing ..evewyone went all out and is so bootiful and handsome..I think we'we all going to be on the best dwesssed list this yeaw....thank you fow the flowews, and fpow giving me this pawt
smoochie kisses

Daisy said...

Those photos made me smile, they are so cute! And I love my beautiful pink dress. I am going to set my TiVo so I can watch the episode over and over and over again.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Wow, efurryone looks grate! I amost wolf-whistled at Bonnie afore I recognized her. She does luv to show off her white chest, an that outfit does it brilliantly.

I's been spinning so much, I'm almost dizzy. Glad the photographer caught one where I's facin forward :-)

Tybalt said...

Oh my! The excitement just keeps building and building!

We are a fine looking group of furries, if I do say so myself.

Break a leg, everyone! Purrs!

Leslie said...

Sus! Sus! It's US!! Woo hoo!

Sassy Kat said...

Opus & Roscoe-What handsome cats ya two are. Wow! Better watch out allof the single cats will be lookin at ya tonight.

Christine & Faz-Be sure to Tvio everything, then ya can watch it over and over. Glad ya stopped by.

Jan & Percy-I heard that Opus & Roscoe took a wrong turn, too funny. The directions will help out a lot. Thanks for stoppin by, so much fun workin with Percy.

Asta-It has been my pleasure working with ya. Ya are always the professional.

Daisy-Good idea to record the show, over and over I plan to watch it too.

Victor-Ya always make me laugh, if ya ever find yourself single just give me a call, please don't tell your girlcat I said that though.

Tybalt-I cannot wait to see your review after you view the series.

Top Cat Gang-Glad ya are here. Isn't this wonderful. So much excitement!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, my dear Sassy, for making this huge event possible! We all look great and beautiful, and we are ready for FOUR days CCSI, with the premiere tomorrow!!

To all the visitors, I want to correct something about the photos --
I did them not all:
Mrs. OZ clothed herself.
Also Asta clothed herself, and Miles, Daisy, Adan & Monte were clothed by Karl.

Juno said...

Sassy, thank you so much for the flowers and gift. Pinot and I feel so honoured again.
We are glad to find these bootiful photos on the red carpet. Everyone looks so fabulous in the dress and suit.
We can't wait the premier!!

Momo & Pinot

Samantha & Mom said...

This is so exciting being at the Premiere of The Santa Caper!! I do look so good in Red! Tigger is so nervous and excited at the same time!!! Thank you for the flowers! Everyone has done so much to make this happen! Karl, Ruis, Sassy and all the actors!! What a cast!
Your FL furiends,

PS: The second picture should read Asta, Momo, Tigger, Gemini, Dragonheart and Victor TabbyCat!

Islay said...

How well-dressed everyone is (I can't help noticing how divine I look in that emerald gown - cheers!) Such glamour and cplour; ooh this is so exciting!

...the whole world on a plate, hm? the whole world on a beef and chicken and kangaroo and lamb and....oh yes, the red carpet!

licks & slobbers

HRH Yao-Lin said...

oh fantastic. i wasn't sure how that suit would look on me but truthfully, I don't think i coiuld look any more stylishly exquisite!!! Wow what an exciting event! Everyone looks fab! x

Islay said...

Pinot sure is cute!


Sassy Kat said...

Ruis-How nice ya look tonight. I got ahold of my cat staff and made corrections regarding the fashion clothes. Thank ya for that information. I know a lot of the girls want to know who designed what.

Momo & Pinot-Ya are more than welcome. I am so glad ya liked your gifts and the high fashions provided for all of ya.

Samatha & Tigger-This is so much fun isn't it? Thanks Samatha for the information, I know as a repurrorter ya know who is who.

Charlie-Ya look so beautiful, and ya make me laugh. Ya are fun to be with. Pinot is such a cutie.

Yao-lin-Ya sure do look stylish. We all look pretty nice huh?

Jan Price said...

Thanks for checking in, Sassy. I'm turning in early, but probably won't sleep. See you on the set in the morning.

Jan's Funny Farm

Juno said...

Sassy, I tell you the truth.. Pinot had a sip of Champagne and I think he liked it alot. :)
We're having a great time! We did let you know about my sissy's late night arrival to our place in Toronto but seems like our comments was disappeared which is ok.. you're working really hard. It must be Blogger!

Momo & Pinot

The Cat Realm said...

What an event - I am sitting here with tears of joy in my eyes!
We couldn't have had better actors - and fir sure we couldn't have had a better crew!
Sassy - you are just fabulous!
Opus and Roscoe - you are just wonderful!
Ruis - you are just the best!!!!
I am simply overwhelmed by the whole experience.....
So - come on Ruis, let's have more champagne!!!!

The Cat Realm said...

RUIS - where are you????

Anonymous said...

Thank you, my dear Karl, for the real Dom Niptingnon! Cheers... To many, many more CCSI shows!!

Anonymous said...

I not such a fast typist -- hahaha

Anonymous said...

Btw, I think I will put my new glasses on tomorrow at the premiere...

To all others: My love Karl gave me REAL Armani sun glasses!!!

The Cat Realm said...

Blush blush blush -
you just looked SOOOOOOOO good in them when you were here....
Oh what a pre-show party this is!!!
Sassy sure knows how to entertain!

Hot(M)BC said...

Wow, it's all so a'citing! Efurrycat looks grate! Pepi's efun oglin the girlcats and he almost nefur does that cuz he's scared of girls. (He says it's us sisfurs faults hehe)
Efurrycat did a grate job! Fanks for the champagne. Woo!
Sanjee and Pepi

Anonymous said...

How many bottles Dom Niptingnon you brought with you, Karl?

I am so happy with the glasses. You know I almost always close my eyes with camera flashlight. Now no single photo will go into trash for that - I can always wear my glasses!

Mickey's Musings said...

Simply Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
Just wonderful! I can't wait :)
Everycat looks superb! I know famous cats!!!!!!!!!

Purrs Mickey

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

This is a stunning red carpet night and I am so happy to be able to see all of the STARS of the show! SO much love and hard work went into this production...a ture labor of love!
The costumes are a total knock out! WOW! The photography was top notch first class all the way...purrrfect poses all around!
SIGHHHHHH to be a part of this glamour....such a dream. Maybe next time...I have such a stunning dress I COULD wear to a red carpet event!
I wish you all a happy time reaping the rewards of all your hard work. When I return on Monday I will tune in first thing to the Santa Caper!
Love Miss Peach

Victor Tabbycat said...

Oh, Sassy! I don't know what to say... really, I fink the excellent crew fur this show has brought out the bestest in alla us.

Fanks fur the gifts! I's safin the drinks for toasting the premiere. Today's exciting cuz we also gotted our Secret Paws gifts. ::spin::

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Thank you, Sassy for all the extra things you have done. This has been amazing. I don't know when I've had such a good time! Thank you to all the cast and crew! I can't wait to see the show.

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Oah My~!!!
What a wonderful red carpet, seeing so many beautiful fashion cats~!!!

Thanks for my designer help me to get this red tuxi~! I feel I am so so handsome~!!!!!!!

Daisy, you are really beautiful~!!
Dragonheart is super terrific handsome~!
Karl is super chic~! Wowww....
Yao-lin is one of the stylish mancat here, everyone is perfect~!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

This is so exciting! :) I am honoured to be part of this production!

Sassy Kat said...

Percy-Gets lots of rest tonight, big day tomorrow.

Momo & Pinot-Yey, Pinot is too little for mixed drinks, please keep him away from it, his gift was a beautiful bed, please make sure he sees it. Thanks for telling me that Momo cat arrived OK, saw ya three on The Red Carpet yesterday and looked like ya were having a lot of fun.

Ruis & Karl-I am so glad that ya two are enjoying the excitement of The Red Carpet events, now is the time to sit back and take it all in. Maybe I could get a new pair of glasses, hint, hint, See ya early today on the set.

Victor-What a busy time for ya and Bonnie, rehersals, shows, Red Carpet and now secret gifts in the mail, how exciting.

Bonnie-Ya are more than welcome, the least production could do with such a fantastic crew and cast.

Adan-Isn't this exciting, we all looked so beautiful and guys so hamdsome.

Dragonheart-We also are so honored to have ya on this shows production. It has been fun workin with all of ya. Rest up big day today.
Sanjee & Pepi-Glad ya liked your gift, figured ya all worked hard now it is time to kick back.

Mickey-Yes they are getting famouns aren't they, and ya know what consider auditioning on the next cast call. Next time it could be ya out there.

Miss Peach-Hey Sweetie, I am so glad to see ya. I always think about ya but things have been crazy and I haven't had a lot of time to visit. Keep your eyes out for the next auditions and please try out. I think we will take a break for a little bit through.

ZOOLATRY said...

Wow, we are overwhelmed here by all the glitz and glamour... every one is just fantabulous...
Zoey says thank you for arraying her in elegant basic black; she is feeling quite stunning and she is most happy to be with her aussie friends as well!
This is just so special.


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